Georgia Bergerson is a contestant from Survivor New Zealand: Nicaragua.

Georgia started out in the Hermosa tribe with a strong position in the majority and a close relationship with Mike Sparrow, although some questioned her trustworthiness early on. A tribe swap left her on the bottom of the new Hermosa tribe, and she was eventually unanimously voted out on Day 12. Georgia defeated Izzy Pearson in her first Redemption Island duel but was later defeated by Shay Tapusoa, causing her to place 11th overall.


How would you describe yourself? Energetic, out-going, down to earth, loyal.
Why are you doing Survivor? To challenge myself physically and mentally.
What did you do to prepare? Researched every aspect of the game, and watched as many episodes of Survivor as I could. Trained, went to boot camps, ran, exercised and ate less to shrink my stomach to prepare for the worst!
What are your pet peeves? Laziness, superficial, and untrustworthy people.
What's your strategy?I want to play the game as it comes, forming strong alliances, and give it everything I have!

Survivor NZ

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Voting History

Georgia's Voting History
Episode Georgia's
Voted Against
1 Dee -
2 Hermosa Tribe Immune
4 Hermosa Tribe Immune
6 Avi Avi, Barb,
Nate, Sala
Voted Out, Day 12
7 On Redemption Island
Eliminated, Day 17


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