Gatecrasher is a recurring challenge from Survivor.


Each tribe uses a puzzle log to break through two sets of gates; then, they must turn, pull and push the puzzle log to navigate a maze that is worked into the surface of the log. Once the log is cleared from the maze station, the first tribe to hit a gong at the end of the course wins immunity.


In Survivor: China, both tribes plowed through their first gates with their heavy puzzle log. James and Jean-Robert muscled the Fei Long log through the second gate and headed to their puzzle station, as Zhan Hu's over-worked Dave could barely lift his part of the log. In a split-second decision, Frosti switched positions with Dave in order to catch up for the lost time and finally broke through the second gate. However, it was too little, too late for Zhan Hu as Fei Long conquered their puzzle and rang their gong to win immunity.

In Survivor: Cagayan, the challenge was used as the Immunity Challenge immediately following the tribe switch. At first, Solana had the lead, but Aparri quickly made it up when they switched Spencer and Jeremiah to the front. It was even heading to and through much of the table maze; however, Aparri slipped through a bit faster, ringing their gong and winning immunity.


Episode Challenge Type Winners
"My Mom Is Going to Kill Me!"
Tribal Immunity S15 aaron tS15 amanda tS15 courtney tS15 denise t
S15 james tS15 jeanrobert tS15 leslie tS15 todd t
Fei Long
"Odd One Out"
Tribal Immunity S28 alexis tS28 jeremiah tS28 kass t
S28 morgan tS28 sarah tS28 spencer tS28 tasha t



  • Each time the challenge was used, both tribes were required to sit out a member.
    • Every tribe sat out a woman.
  • This is the only challenge that the post-switch Aparri won in Survivor: Cagayan.
  • Every winning tribe had the eventual third place finisher.


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