The Galu Alliance is an alliance in Survivor: Samoa. It is made up of former Galu tribe members, who went into the merge with an 8-4 numbers advantage. However, due to rival alliance Foa Foa Four's manipulations, they ended up being Pagonged even with a supermajority at the start of the merge.



Before the merge, Galu had only lost two members. However, there were two factions within the tribe: there was a women's alliance (consisting of Laura Morett, Kelly Sharbaugh, and Monica Padilla) and a men's alliance (consisting of Erik Cardona, John Fincher, Dave Ball, and Brett Clouser), with Shambo Waters being on the outs of both groups. Right after the merge, the rival alliance Foa Foa Four's Natalie White successfully campaigned to vote off Erik for his strategizing, which reduced the Galu members to seven. Galu quickly recognized Foa Foa Four's Russell Hantz as a major threat and began planning to get rid of him.

A Plan Backfires

On Day 22, the all-Galu team of Dave, John, Kelly, Monica, and Shambo won the Reward Challenge. While on reward, they received a new clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol and planned only to tell Brett and Laura, unaware that Russell had already found the rehidden idol. Upon their return, Russell showed Shambo the idol, and in return, she told him about Galu's plan to vote him off. This allowed Russell to play the idol at Tribal Council, and the seven votes against him were negated, resulting in Kelly being blindsided 4-0.

Betrayal on Day 27

After Foa Foa Four's Mick Trimming won the next Immunity Challenge, Shambo declared that she was voting against Laura, no matter what. The alliance, targeting Natalie, told Russell that they were voting against John, but Russell didn't believe them. John, irritated with his role as a shield, talked to Russell, who warned him about the possibility of going to the purple rock Tiebreaker, and told him that if he switched his vote against Laura, the next person voted off would be a former Foa Foa. At Tribal Council, the first vote was a 5-5 tie between Laura and Natalie. On the revote, John switched his vote, and Laura was blindsided 5-3.

The End of Galu

Shambo continued to vote with the Foa Foa bloc, targeting Dave next. After Foa Foa's Jaison Robinson won immunity, Russell revealed his idol to John, but immediately regretted it and orchestrated John's elimination by a vote of 7-1-1, with Foa Foa Four and the three remaining alliance members voting together. Later, Dave was then voted out on Day 31.

After Dave's elimination, Brett was the next target. However, he won immunity, which caused Foa Foa Four to vote off Monica instead. Brett went on to win two more Immunity Challenges, forcing the Foa Foa Four to vote out two of their own (Shambo and Jaison) before losing the Final Immunity Challenge to Russell. He was subsequently voted out at the penultimate Tribal Council, becoming the final member of the jury and the last Galu to leave the game.

Galu's Revenge

At the Final Tribal Council, the alliance filled jury castigated Russell for his very unethical game, and all of the alliance members that remained loyal to the alliance (also with the lone Foa Foa in the jury, Jaison) voted for Natalie, making her the Sole Survivor with a 7-2-0 vote.




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