Danny "GC" Brown is a contestant from Survivor: Gabon.


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Danny "GC" Brown (26)
Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Occupation: Maintenance Man

Danny Brown deems himself a true Survivor, having overcome a difficult childhood including homelessness, and a mother who constantly moved both him and his brother to temporary housing. However, despite his hardships, Brown was resilient and optimistic.

As a child, Brown learned to swim and fish in the Colorado River and developed a lifelong love of the outdoors. He said he would quit his job to live outside if he could. His hobbies include producing music, fishing and traveling. He enjoys playing basketball and lifting weights whenever he gets the chance. He describes himself as adventurous, outgoing and silly, and he doesn't like dishonest people.

Brown currently works as a maintenance supervisor for the apartment complex where he lives and claims that making it through the week there is a challenge in itself. His job consists of cleaning, painting, plumbing, electrical repairs and customer service for the tenants.

He believes that his determination, hard work and social skills can get him to the end.

Brown lives in Portland, Oregon with his girlfriend, Shannan. He shares his home with his dog Chica, a cat named Scout and five snakes. His birth date is July 13, 1982.[1]


GC was picked by Dan Kay to start the game on the Fang tribe. During the Individual Immunity Challenge which occurred at the very start of the season he ran ahead of the group, only caring about the Individual Immunity for the first person to finish from each tribe. His selfish actions paid off when Fang lost the challenge. Fang would go on to lose the first tribal Immunity Challenge. After hearing other people were planning on voting out Michelle Chase, GC joined in on the plan and helped vote Michelle out.

After Fang's second consecutive immunity loss on Day 6, GC once again joined the majority of his tribe in voting out the weakest member, Gillian Larson. After going to two consecutive Tribal Council's the Fang tribe decided they needed a tribe leader. The tribe selected GC to be the leader and although he was unsure about it, he eventually accepted the position of tribe leader. The day after being elected tribe leader, though, he quit his position. Fang won the next Immunity Challenge keeping GC safe.

After the tribe switch in episode four GC remained on the Fang tribe. He was joined by members Ace Gordon, Kelly Czarnecki, and Jacquie Berg. The original Fang tribe members made an alliance consisting of GC, Crystal Cox, Ken HoangMatty Whitmore, and tribe newcomer Kelly Czarnecki. The new Fang tribe lost the Immunity Challenge. GC's alliance eliminated Jacquie Berg at Tribal Council. On Day 15, GC disappeared from the Fang camp on a boat before the Immunity Challenge and only returned as the tribe was about to leave for the Immunity Challenge without him. The tribe was ready to leave without him, which didn't seem to bother GC. Fang lost the Immunity Challenge. Before Tribal Council, despite not being the initial target, GC asked to be voted out of the game. At Tribal Council his tribe granted him his wish and GC was voted out.

Voting History

GC's Voting History
Episode GC's
Voted Against
1 Michelle Individual Immunity
Gillian -
2 Fang Tribe Immune
3 Jacquie -
4 Kelly Ace, Crystal, Kelly,
Ken, Matty, Sugar
Voted Out, Day 15


  • On January 9, 2010, GC attended Survivor's 10-year anniversary party along with all of his Gabon cast mates.


  • His nickname, GC, stands for "Golden Child". He was also referred to as G. Cizzle.
  • GC was the first male contestant voted out from Survivor: Gabon, after four Tribal Councils in which women were voted out.
  • GC was the only original Fang member to stay on Fang after the tribal switch and be voted out from the tribe.


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