Fusión (2017)​​ is the merged tribe of Banda and Pudientes from La Isla 2017: El Reality. Their tribe color is yellow.


 Adrián Arrieta
 Facundo Gómez
 Fernanda de la Mora
 Gabriela Quevedo
 Isidro Ovejas
 Juan Carlos Vergara
 Luis Arellano
 Miguel Montaño
 Sebastián Pastrana
 Víctor Arechar
 Yuriko Santander

Tribe History

On Night 41, after the Merging Challenge, the merge begins and the remaining participants had a small feast. Every contestant from both the Banda​​ tribe and Pudientes​ tribe moves to the merged Beach.

After the contestants moved, the contestants were given several news. First, there will be no more Trials, and then, the nominees will be decided by their performance in the Immunity and Final Challenges, instead of being decided by the winners of the challenges. Víctor Arechar won the first Immunity Challenge, and Isidro Ovejas was nominated, while Adrián Arrieta was nominated at the Final Challenge. At the Deathly Duel, Adrián won, while Isidro was eliminated.

On Week 12, Miguel Montaño won a trip for two to Las Vegas, but he decided to give his reward to Fernanda de la Mora, since he lives close to the city. Luis Arellano won the next Immunity Challenge, and Fernanda was supposed to be nominated, but Teresa Munguía gave her the Totem's Power, which would make her immune to one nomination before the Final 5, and Gabriela Quevedo was nominated instead. Adrián Arrieta was nominated for the second week in a row in this week's Final Challenge. At the Deathly Duel, Adrián won once again, eliminating Gabriela.

On Week 13, Adrián Arrieta won MXN$50,000 and a motorcycle, and had the option to take the fourth and final Totem's Power, which would grant him and one other contestant immunity for one week, but he decided not to take the immunity, since he wanted the monetary prize in case he didn't win the MXN$2,000,000 prize. Luis Arellano won the Immunity Challenge once again, while Miguel Montaño was nominated, and also Yuriko Santander was nominated at the Final Challenge. At the Deathly Duel, Yuriko beat Miguel, eliminating him from the competition.

On Week 14, the tribe was divided in two teams of four for the Reward Challenge, Facundo Gómez, Juan Carlos Vergara, Sebastián Pastrana and Yuriko Santander were the Blue Team, and Adrián Arrieta, Fernanda de la Mora, Luis Arellano and Víctor Arechar were the Red Team. The Blue Team won MXN$100,000, dividing it evenly between the four members. Sebastián cut Luis' two week streak and won the Immunity Challenge, and Yuriko kept her streak and got nominated again, while Víctor was nominated for the first time. Víctor got injured at the Deathly Duel, giving Yuriko and easy win, and eliminating him.

On Week 15, Luis Arellano won both the Reward Challenge, which was a latest model car, and his third Immunity Challenge, and Juan Carlos Vergara was nominated at the Immunity Challenge, while the last remaining Godínez member, Sebastián Pastrana, was nominated. Sebastián won the fourth Deathly Duel, and Juan Carlos was eliminated one day short of the Finalists' Week.

On Week 16, the Finalists' Week was held, in which there were four parts to the week. The winners of the first three parts would secure a spot in the Finale. The winner of the first part was Facundo Gómez, the winner of the second part was Luis Arellano, and the winner of the third part was Sebastián Pastrana. At the fourth part, the remaining contestants would compete in the final Deathly Duel, and the winner was Fernanda de la Mora, eliminating Yuriko Santander and Adrián Arrieta.

On Day 64, the Finale was held, in where Fernanda de la Mora and Sebastián Pastrana struggled in the challenge, and Facundo Gómez and Luis Arellano changed leads in different parts of the challenge. Ultimately, Luis had a bigger lead on Facundo, and became the Sole Survivor of La Isla 2017.



  • It is the tribe that's had the most members in the entire show.
    • Subsequently, it's the biggest merged tribe in the history of La Isla.

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