The Four Horsemen was an alliance in Survivor: Fiji

As the name suggests, the alliance was comprised of four men that attempted to control the game using Hidden Immunity Idols to their advantage. However, their reign was short-lived, as the vacillating loyalties of Dreamz Herd opened the door for a clever ploy by the rival Syndicate Alliance, resulting in the elimination of Edgardo Rivera and, subsequently, the remainder of the alliance.


A Fateful Tribe Swap

On Day 15, a tribal switch allowed the new Ravu tribe to formed consisting off all men. Alex, Edgardo, and Dreamz from the original Moto, and Rocky, Mookie, and Anthony from the original Ravu. Alex and Edgardo decided to form an alliance with Dreamz and Mookie to secure for the majority. They decided not to pick Rocky because of his hot-tempered personality and the his rivalry with Dreamz.

On Day 16, Anthony was voted off and was replaced by Lisi who was not chosen due to the odd number of remaining players at the swap. After returning from Exile Island, Lisi told Alex and Edgardo about the clue of the Hidden Immunity Idol at camp, given she had a working alliance with them back at the original Moto. After winning the Reward Challenge, majority of the tribe was annoyed by Rocky's attitude during the feast. The new Ravu continued to lose the next Immunity Challenge. Rocky was sure that all the male would vote off the lone female Lisi. The Four Horsemen and Lisi thought that they do not need so many muscles in the tribe and blindsided Rocky.

On Day 20, Alex and Edgardo told Mookie about the idol and they found it while Lisi and Dreamz were sleeping. They kept it from Lisi because she is unstable emotionally despite being loyal and trustworthy.

At Day 21, Ravu continued the losing streak, sending them back to Tribal Council for the seventh time. Lisi confessed that she had enough of the game and pleaded everyone to vote her out. However, during the last minute, She told Alex and Edgardo that she wanted to stay and wanted to eliminate Dreamz, who will possibly join Cassandra from Moto and betray them. Due to her mercurial demeanor, Lisi was unanimously voted off. 

The Merge

After voting out Lisi, The Four Horsemen anticipated a merge and planned accordingly. Dreamz is tasked to pull Cassandra as an affiliate, Mookie is tasked to pull in Michelle or Yau-Man, and Alex will persuade Stacey. The merge comes and the plan was executed. Earl, the leader of the rival Syndicate Alliance consisting of Yau-Man, Michelle, Cassandra, and later Stacy (still tenuously loyal to Alex at this point) and Boo (the default target by both alliances), distrusted them. 

The Four Horsemen decided to pull in Stacey to make a five but Mookie disagreed because the previous Ravu consisting of Dreamz, Stacey, Alex, and Edgardo would have the upper hand. Mookie told Dreamz about the Hidden Immunity Idol he possessed and wanted him to vote off Stacey. Alex and Edgardo were unhappy and afraid that Dreamz might tell Cassandra.

The new Bula Bula tribe was split in two during the Immunity Challenge. The team of Alex, Stacey, Dreamz, Michelle and Mookie lost and sent to Tribal Council immediately. Michelle was voted off and Mookie felt betrayed by Dreamz. Nonetheless, the Horsemen had put a dent in Earl's plans.

After being notified late about his alliance' possession of the Ravu idol, Dreamz turned from them and informed Earl that Mookie had the idol and told them the voting plan. When the Four Horsemen realized that Alex was targeted by the Syndicate Alliance, Mookie gave the idol to him. Dreamz spilled the beans and they targeted Mookie instead. In a last-minute change of plans, Stacey proposed a simpler alternative: Vote the seemingly safe Edgardo. At Tribal Council, Alex played the idol for himself, but for naught, as the rival alliance swerved the vote on Edgardo, in a 5-3-1 vote.

After the loss of Edgardo and Dreamz' betrayal, Mookie and Alex were left in the minority. Mookie and Alex rummaged through Yau-Man's bag, and found the other Hidden Immunity Idol inside and tried to coax Yau-Man into siding with them. The gesture backfired, as the Syndicate Alliance members deemed the gesture unethical. With Mookie's idol rehidden, the Syndicate Alliance spilt the vote between Alex and Mookie, but Alex also voted for Mookie as a last-ditch effort to save himself. 

Earl was unsatisfied with the split vote and Alex fought hard to persuade the majority alliance to eliminate Boo, who was very annoying and a physical threat. Boo won the Immunity Challenge, and being the only option, Alex was unanimously voted off, 6-1.


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