Floating Puzzle (also known as Sea Stars and Puzzle Paranoia) is a recurring challenge from Survivor.


Survivors must race to obtain puzzle pieces out in the water. They would swim down and unhook the piece, then bring it back to the tribe. Once all the pieces are back, they would solve the puzzle. The first tribe to finish the puzzle wins.


The challenge debuted in "The Great Divide" of Survivor: Thailand, where Sook Jai put their flower puzzle together first and won immunity.

The challenge reappeared in "The Great White Shark Hunter" of Survivor: Palau as a slide puzzle, where Koror again defeated a severely diminished Ulong.

In Survivor: Panama, it appeared in "Starvation and Lunacy" as a Reward Challenge. La Mina took an early lead, but Casaya was able to beat them when they solved the puzzle first, allowing them to win the reward.


Episode Challenge Type Winners
"The Great Divide"
Tribal Immunity S5 erin tS5 jake tS5 jed tS5 ken t
S5 penny tS5 robb tS5 shiiann tS5 stephanie t
Sook Jai
"The Great White Shark Hunter"
Tribal Immunity S10 caryn tS10 coby tS10 gregg tS10 ian t
S10 janu tS10 jenn tS10 katie tS10 tom t
"Starvation and Lunacy"
Tribal Reward S12 aras tS12 bobby tS12 bruce t
S12 cirie tS12 courtney tS12 danielle tS12 shane t



  • Sook Jai is the only tribe to win this challenge not contain both the winner and runner-up of the respective season.
  • Koror is the only tribe to not face off against an orange tribe, defeating a blue tribe instead.
  • The debut of this challenge ends the 4 season streak of having the second Immunity Challenge of the season being Buggin' Out .


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