Felicity "Flick" Egginton[2] is a contestant from Australian Survivor (2016) and Australian Survivor: All Stars.

Always voting in the majority for the entirety of the time she was on the island in 2016, Flick stayed on Saanapu along with her closest ally Brooke Jowett. Together, they, along with El Rowland, Lee Carseldine, Matt Tarrant, and Sam Webb took control of the merged Fia Fia tribe, eliminating many not associated with them or threats within the powerful post-swap Saanapu alliance. Not afraid to make big moves, she took part in orchestrating many vote outs including arch-rival and former ally Conner Bethune and Brooke, who had become one of the biggest threats remaining in the game. After deciding to go after the perceived power couple in El and Lee, Flick's betrayal ended up exposed by resident swing vote Kristie Bennett, putting a target on her back. Only relying on immunity to win, Flick ended up unsuccessful, prompting her to construct new schemes to save herself. Despite an impassioned plea to Kristie to force a tie against Lee, Flick was voted out unanimously, placing 4th.

In All Stars, Flick played a more quiet game, and was a member of the majority on both versions of Vakama. Eventually, Brooke seeked revenge against Flick for blindsiding her in their first season, and was able to collaborate with AK Knight to send Flick home.


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Age: 23
Occupation: Personal Assistant & Bartender
State: QLD

As the youngest of five children, Flick always battled for attention from her siblings and believes her thick skin and independence will help her forge ahead in the game of Survivor.

An ex-meter maid from the Gold Coast, Flick is a promotional model, bartender and a real estate assistant. She has always been a high achiever. Her father involved her in all different types of sport and she was an athletics champion in high school, breaking records and competing at state level.

Flick's physical capabilities have made her extremely competitive in everything she does. She says it will push her harder in the game. "I'm smart, social, strategic and competitive. I'm positive and I believe I can make a good alliance that will take me to the end and win the title of Sole Survivor."

She also has some inside tips from her partner's brother Benry, who appeared in the US version in 2010. She says: "I've wanted to be on the show for years. Benry was on the US version and said it was the best experience of his life. I've taken on some of his tips and I hope to get to the end with someone I can beat easily. Survivor is about winning and getting rid of anyone that could be a threat to your game."

Flick's biggest concern is food deprivation. "Cheese is my life. Seriously, ask any of my family and friends. I'm going to really struggle not being able to eat it so hopefully there might be some challenges where it's the reward!"[3]

26, Travel Consultant — Season 1

Flick has taken the few years since she first played Australian Survivor to study the game and her moves closely. "In the first season, my confidence was very low but now I'm three years older, more mature and have learnt to love myself for me. So I'm hoping that weakness is no more.

"But I also believe making one of the biggest moves in the game and voting out my best friend, Brooke, definitely makes me an All Star as I wasn't afraid to do whatever it took to win the game!" Hoping to see her old friend Brooke, Flick knows that revenge will be her main priority but is excited to see what would happen if they are back together. "I know Brooke will be out there and wanting my blood, but I need to convince her there are bigger fish to fry. I'll have to tread carefully and blindside her when the time is right."

As a Travel Consultant on the Gold Coast, Flick is busy planning her wedding in America later this year and if she won, would use the money to help pay for it and shout her family to travel over there.

Flick would also like to use the opportunity of playing again to prove she's no one hit wonder. "I think people see me as this Gold Coast girl, down to earth but a little on the stupid side and I want people to think that! I believe they won't see how strategic I truly am. I'm so grateful to have another opportunity to play the game – I want to get out there and play hard!"[4]

Australian Survivor


Flick was put on the Saanapu tribe at the beginning of the season. She immediately formed a bond with Brooke Jowett, later forming an alliance consisting of themselves, Conner Bethune, Matt Tarrant, and Sam Webb. Following Conner revealing to Flick that Bianca Anderson was coming after her, she campaigned for her ouster after Saanapu lost their first Immunity Challenge on Day 5. Successful in doing so in a 5-2-1 vote, Bianca was voted out at Tribal Council. Saanapu went on to win the next two Immunity Challenges, though fellow tribemate Peter Fiegehen did quit on Day 10 because of his ailing body due to the elements and lack of food. On Day 12, a surprising Double Tribal Council twist was revealed, sending shock waves. Ultimately, Aganoa went on to win immunity, sending Flick back to Tribal Council for a second time. Suspecting that alliance outsider Kylie Evans possessed a Hidden Immunity Idol, the alliance crumbled. Conner tried to expose Flick for her multiple alliances to secure himself. At Tribal Council, Flick voted for Conner along with Brooke and Matt, but also received the three other votes, causing a revote between herself and Conner. Despite Sam flipping his vote, the vote went to a deadlock, forcing the tribe to make a consensus vote. Conner bowed out, saving Flick. Surprisingly, Conner was sent to Vavau and had to bring someone with him. Sam was chosen, while the recently eliminated Nick Iadanza joined Saanapu with his ally Tegan Haining.

The next day, Flick aligned with Brooke, Kylie, and Matt, placing her new tribemates on the outs. Tegan attempted to integrate with Flick and Brooke, bonding with them to some degree. New Saanapu came in first at the next Immunity Challenge, sparing Flick from another Tribal Council. Though Flick helped her tribe win the following Reward Challenge, Saanapu faltered majorly at the Immunity Challenge mainly due to Tegan's lack of strength at rope pulling, sending them to Tribal Council as a new tribe of six. At the vote, Flick joined Brooke in flushing out Kylie's idol by splitting the vote between Nick and Tegan; voting for the former at the first vote and the latter at the revote, sending Tegan home unanimously.

At the tribe dissolve, Flick remained on Saanapu following the tribe winning the Reward Challenge where they had to choice to stick together or join the rival tribe. Along with that, they were instructed to pick four others to join them, forming two new nine-person tribes. El Rowland, Lee Carseldine, and Sam were picked for strength while Jennah-Louise Salkeld joined as a fail-safe first vote out should they go to Tribal Council. Due to Saanapu's winning streak, Flick avoided voting someone out for the remainder of the pre-merge. During the winning streak, she joined in a tight-knit alliance with Brooke, Sam, and newcomers El and Lee to form a majority with Matt and Kylie alongside.

In a very comfortable position with Brooke and El, the three women controlled the early vote offs, using their alliances to vote out former Vavau members Conner (orchestrated by Flick) and Kate Campbell, Nick (who called them out for betraying him), and Kylie (suggested by Brooke for being a physical threat). By then, many of the outsiders were noticing the trio's power positions with their majority alliance and attempted to form a coup against them. Former ally Jennah-Louise was the ringleader and she was quickly targeted. However, because of her immunity win, Jennah-Louise's second in command Sue Clarke left instead. Jennah-Louise soon followed in a split vote with Kristie Bennett. Wanting to stick with the five alliance, Flick targeted Matt next, believing him to be a strategic threat. This fell through as she and Brooke decided to stay Saanapu strong and get to the end as a foursome with Matt and Sam. Targeting Lee for his physical prowess, this also fell through when he won immunity. Faced with voting out her two best friends, Brooke and El, Flick turned on the former, ending their alliance and joining El's alliance with Kristie and Lee.

Sam and Matt quickly followed, though not without Matt trying to convince Flick and Kristie to turn on the power couple. While Flick did agree with his logic, there was no hope as Kristie wouldn't budge. Flick failed to win immunity at the final four and tried to conjure up schemes to keep herself afloat. First, she attempted to get back in El's good graces by suggesting she force a tie between herself and Kristie to give them a chance at firemaking. El considered it but ultimately decided not, joining Lee in voting Flick out. At Tribal Council, Flick tried to talk Kristie into voting with her against Lee, believing her to not have any chance at beating either him or El at the Final Immunity Challenge. Believing in her chances, Kristie refused, joining the duo in unanimously voting out Flick in a 3-1 vote, sending her to the jury as its eight member.

At the Final Tribal Council, Flick, like many other jurors, was won over by Kristie's intense articulation during speeches and questionings. She would vote for Kristie, who went to win the season in a landslide 8-1 vote against Lee.

Voting History

Flick's Voting History
Episode Flick's
Voted Against
1 Saanapu Tribe Immune
2 Bianca -
3 Saanapu Tribe Immune
4 Saanapu Tribe Immune
5 Mock Vote1
6 Saanapu Tribe Immune
7 Nick;
8 No Tribal Council
9 Saanapu Tribe Immune
10 Saanapu Tribe Immune
11 Saanapu Tribe Immune
12 Saanapu Tribe Immune
13 Saanapu Tribe Immune
14 Saanapu Tribe Immune
15 Conner -
16 Kate -
17 Nick -
18 Kylie -
19 Sue -
20 Jennah-Louise -
21 Brooke -
22 No Vote
23 Sam;
24 Matt El
25 Lee El, Kristie, Lee
Voted Out, Day 53
Voted for
Sole Survivor

^1 In "Episode 5", Vavau and Saanapu were subjected to a joint and mock Tribal Council where the players they voted out (Nick and Conner respectively) were merely switched to the other tribe.
^2 In "Episode 7", the vote ended with a 2-2-0 tie between Nick and Tegan, forcing a revote. Flick voted for Tegan on the revote.
^3 In "Episode 23", the vote ended with a 2-2 tie between Matt and Sam, forcing a revote. Flick did not change her vote on the revote.

All Stars

Despite blindsiding Brooke Jowett in their previous season, Flick and Brooke joined the same majority Vakama alliance alongside Phoebe Timmins, AK Knight, Locky Gilbert, Daisy Richardson, and David Genat. Things went smoothly until Mat Rogers played his Hidden Immunity Idol on Jacqui Patterson due to David's secret scheming. That idol play resulted in Daisy's elimination, to which Flick said that her alliance needed to do a better job reading the situation. Flick remained in the background for the rest of the pre-swap portion of the game, though Mat finding another idol unnerved her and the rest of her allies.

Flick remained with most of her allies following the Tribe Switch, and by recruiting Harry Hills and Shonee Fairfax, this new alliance of six took out all of their common enemies. Mat approached Flick with an plan to turn on Locky. Flick felt she was fourth in her alliance with Brooke, Locky, and AK, and was also wary of giving Brooke too much power as they still had their history to resolve. However, Flick passed up those opportunities, contributing to John Eastoe's elimination via a split vote and later voting Mat out. This left Vakama with only their alliance, putting immense pressure on that group to win the remaining Immunity Challenges to avoid another Tribal Council. That plan failed when Mokuta won on Day 26. Flick thought the plan was to vote out the original Mokuta members Shonee and Harry before anyone else. However, Flick was finally taken out by her rival Brooke in a unanimous 5-1 vote.

Voting History

Flick's Voting History
Episode Flick's
Voted Against
1 Vakama Tribe Immune
2 Jericho -
3 Jacqui1 -
4 Vakama Tribe Immune
5 Vakama Tribe Immune
6 Vakama Tribe Immune
7 Abbey -
8 John -
9 John -
10 Mat -
11 Vakama Tribe Immune
12 Shonee AK, Brooke, Harry,
Locky, Shonee
Voted Out, Day 26

^1 In "Episode 3", Mat used a Hidden Immunity Idol on Jacqui, negating Flick's vote against her.


  • In September 2018, Flick got engaged to her boyfriend.[5]



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