The Five Guys Alliance was the failed dominant alliance of the Tadhana tribe in the beginning of Survivor: Blood vs. Water. Their lengthy losing streak combined with Brad's poor leadership and trust led to the alliance being disbanded by the tenth day of the game.



The alliance was forged by Brad Culpepper, having quickly noticed that the men held a majority on Tadhana over the women due to Laura Boneham being sent off early and switched to Galang. John Cody eagerly joined the alliance, Vytas Baskauskas and Hayden Moss saw the opportunity to use this to further their own games, while Caleb Bankston reluctantly agreed to join despite not liking Brad himself.

Revenge Against Gervase

After losing the first Immunity Challenge despite having an early lead (mainly due to Katie Collins struggling at the puzzle section), Gervase Peterson (who had nearly cost his tribe the challenge) continued to brag about their victory towards Tadhana, much to their annoyance. This forced them to make a decision between strength by voting out Katie, or revenge by voting out Marissa Peterson. In the end, they chose vengeance and Marissa was sent to Redemption Island in a unanimous 8-1 vote.

Vytas' Plan and Rachel's Elimination

After losing the second Immunity Challenge, Vytas formed a plan: vote out Rachel Foulger in hopes of having Tyson Apostol switch with her on Redemption Island, thus taking out one of Galang's strongest members. Despite John being against it, the alliance followed the plan and Rachel was voted out that night in a 5-2-1 vote, leaving Katie and Ciera Eastin as the last two remaining women on the tribe.

At Redemption Island, Rachel told Tyson not to switch with her and sacrifice his game, leading to a fight between him and Brad. After a long fought battle, Rachel was eliminated for good.

Paging Dr. Cody

After Candice Cody won the first two duels and gave the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol to John both times, the alliance became suspicious of him due to his refusal to share the clue and his generally shady behavior. Brad had also feared the idea of John and Candice reuniting at the merge, possibly putting his alliance in jeopardy. At the third Tribal Council, the two women were spared and John was blindsided in a 6-1 vote, sending him to Redemption Island and guaranteeing that only one Cody could make the merge.

The Fall of Brad Culpepper

After Tadhana lost immunity for a fourth straight time, it appeared the alliance would vote out Ciera after she performed badly again. However, at Tribal Council, Brad made a passing comment about people without loved one's being better targets which alerted Caleb (who was the only one without a loved one in play), Caleb openly said he would vote for Brad because of this, resulting in a 3-3 tie between Brad and Ciera. Hayden, Brad, and Vytas voted for Ciera while Caleb, Ciera, and Katie voted for Brad. At the revote, Vytas switched his vote to Brad, backstabbing the leader of the alliance and voting him out 3-1.

The Tribe Switch and Dissolution

After Brad's elimination at Redemption Island, Jeff announced the tribes were switching. This would dissolve the Five Guys, with Hayden and Caleb staying on Tadhana and Vytas heading to Galang. The alliance was broken up, with Hayden and Caleb joining Tyson Apostol's Singles Alliance along with Gervase Peterson and former enemy Ciera Eastin, while Vytas (with former enemy Katie) became an affiliate of the Galang Alliance, an alliance his brother Aras Baskauskas formed. Vytas was eliminated during the Day 22 Tribal Council, with the help of Hayden and Caleb (which the two were in opposing alliances with Vytas that time).


  • This is the second time Hayden Moss has been part of an all-male alliance in a CBS reality show. He was part of "The Brigade" in Big Brother.
    • Coincidentally, he was the highest placing member of both alliances.
  • Despite the fact that Brad formed this alliance, he is the lowest placing member.



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