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Fire is the merged tribe of Brains and Brawn from Australian Survivor: Brains v Brawn. Their tribe color is teal.


 Andrew Ucles
AUS8 andrew t.png
 Baden Cooke
AUS8 baden t.png
 Cara Atchison
AUS8 cara t.png
 Chelsea Hackett
AUS8 chelsea t.png
 Dani Beale
AUS8 dani t.png
 Emmett Pugh
AUS8 emmett t.png
 Flick Palmateer
AUS8 flick t.png
 George Mladenov
AUS8 george t.png
 Gerald Youles
AUS8 gerald t.png
 Hayley Leake
AUS8 hayley t.png
 Kez McGee
AUS8 kez t.png
 Laura Wells
AUS8 laura t.png
 Wai Chim
AUS8 wai t.png

Tribe History



  • Fire is the first merged tribe on the Network Ten incarnation of Australian Survivor to not be colored black.


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