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The Final Two are the two contestants still remaining on the last day of the game (typically Day 39, although in Survivor: The Australian Outback the game lasted for 42 days), who must plead their cases to the jury at the Final Tribal Council. A Final Two has occurred during the first twelve seasons, as well as Survivor: Micronesia, Survivor: Tocantins, and Survivor: Cagayan. This format is the original format of the final few, with the alternative being the Final Three.






  • Vanuatu is the only season where both finalists have the same profession, as both Chris Daugherty and Twila Tanner were highway construction workers.
  • Guatemala is the most recent season to have a Final Two, but not have any evacuations or quits.
  • Tocantins is the most recent season to have a Final Two and not have an evacuation/quit and a Tribal Council take place in the same episode.

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