The Final Four Alliance is an alliance that was formed during Survivor: Nicaragua.


Early Formation

An already pre-existing alliance formed by Holly and Jane while on the original Espada tribe, Chase joined after bonding with the two older women to blindside Brenda during the Final Ten.

Blindsiding Brenda

After returning to camp from voting out Marty at Tribal Council, Holly and Jane shared their mutual thoughts of not trusting Brenda and Sash, as they thought the duo were running the game. Due to this, the former Espada members targeted them and began their mission of recruiting members of Libertad to blindside Brenda. The remnants of Marty's alliance, notable Benry, quickly agreed to vote Brenda out and Holly even convinced NaOnka to join the alliance in voting her out. Once Jane won immunity, the plan came into fruition at Tribal Council and Brenda was voted out in a 8-1-1 vote.

Double Quit

After successfully getting rid of Brenda, NaOnka joined the alliance after she voted with them against Brenda, and she and Chase decided to target Sash next for his strategic prowess and to get rid of the Hidden Immunity Idol he still possessed. However, because of NaOnka and Purple Kelly wanting to quit, a new foursome of Chase, Holly, Jane, and Sash, albeit the latter not fully trusting the other three and wanting NaOnka and Kelly S. to stay, was formed. Later that night on Day 28, both NaOnka and Purple Kelly quit, bring upon the Top 7.

Bringing in the Swing Vote

With NaOnka and Purple Kelly opting out of the game, Sash left Tribal Council with no allies remaining. However, what he didn't know is that the remnants of Marty's alliance and the alliance needed his vote, becoming the swing vote. Chase then tried talking with Sash to get him to join the alliance officially by stating that if he won the upcoming Reward Challenge, he'd take Holly and Sash. Chase then won the challenge but decided to take Jane instead, causing Sash to consider flipping to Benry, Dan, and Fabio. However, after some brief damage control with Sash, the alliance decided to target either Benry and Fabio next if one of them won immunity. Because of Sash winning immunity, at Tribal Council the alliance deemed Benry a bigger physical vote and blindsided him in a 4-2-1 vote.

The Threat of Jane

Though Fabio was the alliance's intended target, he managed to win immunity, forcing them to go after Dan. However, due to Jane being seen as the biggest jury threat remaining, Fabio managed to talk Chase into voting her out instead. With their new Final Three deal created, Chase, Holly, and Sash decided collectively to vote Jane out. She was then told that she'd be voted out and felt betrayed by everyone. At Tribal Council, Jane was voted out 5-0, as her vote for Sash was negated because of his idol play.

Fabio's Immunity Run

With Jane out of the game, the alliance held its 3-2 majority against Dan and Fabio. But after Fabio started a surprising Immunity run and getting rid of Dan, the three remaining members of the alliance were forced to turn on themselves. At the Final Four Tribal Council, Holly was seen as a bigger jury threat and was voted out in a unanimous vote. At the Final Tribal Council, Sash was ignored by the jury because of his numerous deceptions; while Chase was castigated for his indecisiveness at several points during the game, and despite Jane and Holly voting for Chase to win, the jury chose Fabio as the Sole Survivor of Nicaragua in a 5-4-0 vote.


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