The Final Four Alliance was an alliance formed in Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers.

The alliance was formed by Lauren Rimmer with members of the The Round Table in order to gain the initiative over their allies Chrissy Hofbeck, JP Hilsabeck, and Ryan Ulrich, gaining the upper hand by blindsiding JP at the final nine. Tactics by Ben Driebergen and Devon Pinto then enabled this emergent alliance to manipulate Chrissy, Ryan, and the remaining members of the Soko Alliance in order to neutralize Ryan's Hidden Immunity Idol and engineer the blindside of Joe Mena. The group fell to pieces, however, when three of its members became threatened by Ben, who quickly caught on to their plots against him. Devon and Lauren successfully turned all of the game's remaining players against Ben, but Ben forced out Lauren and Ashley Nolan with consecutive idol plays, destroying the alliance and going on to win the game.


Bonding over Burgers

On Day 26, Lauren Rimmer won the Reward Challenge and opted to take Ashley Nolan, Ben Driebergen, and Devon Pinto on the reward with herself. Probst asked Ryan if he was worried that he was left out of the reward, to which Ryan denied. In confessional, Lauren said Ryan should be worried.

During the reward, Lauren brought up a plan to blindside the three other members (Ryan Ulrich, Chrissy Hofbeck, and JP Hilsabeck) of the Round Table, with the help of Joe Mena and Mike Zahalsky.

Epic Blindside

After Ashley won immunity, the alliance targeted the trio, but Devon suggested to Ben to be their double agent, voting against Mike which he agreed to do, while Lauren and Ashley asked Joe and Mike to join them. At Tribal Council, Lauren's alliance blindsided JP, shocking Ryan, Chrissy, and Ben (who was pretending).

Taking out the Troublemaker

Chrissy won immunity at the final eight. At camp, Ben suggested to his alliance they take they go for Joe because they didn't need him anymore, and Devon lied to Mike and Joe about Ryan being the target while the alliance's real goals were to flush out Ryan's Hidden Immunity Idol and take out Joe. At Tribal Council, Joe was voted out and they succeeding in flushing out the idol.

Ben's Run

Ashley won immunity on Day 33. Ashley talked to Devon and Lauren about blindsiding Ben which Ben heard. Realizing how much power Lauren had, he tried to put a target on Lauren's back by trying to convince Ryan and Mike to go after her, and telling Chrissy about Lauren's Hidden Immunity Idol and Extra Vote advantage, however, this gets back to Lauren. At Tribal Council, Ben played his idol which negated the six votes against him, and his sole vote sent Lauren out of the game.

After returning from Tribal Council, it was apparent that Ben was the main target. Ben narrowly lost immunity to Chrissy. Back at camp, he searched for an idol which he found right before Tribal Council. He played it before casting the votes, forcing the other five to turn on each other, resulting in Ashley being unanimously voted out.

After returning from Tribal Council, Ben looked for an idol while the rest fell asleep. He managed to find the idol the next day. Chrissy tried to fool Ben about having the real idol by wearing the super idol around her neck which had no power. Ben knew it was fake, but played it off that he was done. Devon was concerned that Ben was playing all of them, and considered writing down Mike's game just in case. At Tribal Council, Devon voted for Mike, Ben voted for Devon, and Ben shocked everyone by playing the idol which negated the 3 votes cast against him resulting in 1-1 tie between Devon and Mike. Mike was voted out 2-1 in the revote. Before leaving Tribal Council, Jeff told them that tomorrow the Final Immunity Challenge would be played, but a new Twist would come with it.

Coming to an End

Chrissy won the Final Immunity Challenge which disheartened Ben because he knew he was going home. However, Chrissy was given a twist after winning immunity which said that she had to choose one of the remaining three to take to the Final Three, forcing the remaining two to compete in the fire making tiebreaker challenge. She decided to save Ryan, believing Devon has a better shot a beating Ben, and told this to both Ryan and Devon. Devon practiced for the challenge, but struggled. At Tribal Council, Chrissy revealed the twist shocking Ben and the jury. Ben then easily defeated Devon in the fire making challenge to join Chrissy and Ryan in the finals.

At the Final Tribal Council, Ben's ability to find idols and Chrissy's challenge performances were respected by the jury, but Ben and Chrissy especially Ben were criticized particularly by Joe for their weak social games while Ryan on the other hand was criticized for his weak strategic game, and laziness around camp. Ben was awarded Sole Survivor over Chrissy and Ryan in a 5-2-1 vote. Lauren was the only member of this alliance on the jury to vote for Ben.



  • Similar to how The Round Table was consisted of original Levu and Yawa tribe members voting against Soko, this alliance was consisted of the switched Levu and Yawa members voting against switched and original Soko.


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