Fia Fia is the merged tribe of Saanapu and Vavau on Australian Survivor (2016).[2] Their tribe color is black.


 Brooke Jowett
AUS3 brooke t
 Conner Bethune
AUS3 conner t
 El Rowland
AUS3 el t
 Flick Egginton
AUS3 flick t
 Jennah-Louise Salkeld
AUS3 jennahlouise t
 Kate Campbell
AUS3 kate t
 Kristie Bennett
AUS3 kristie t
 Kylie Evans
AUS3 kylie t
 Lee Carseldine
AUS3 lee t
 Matt Tarrant
AUS3 matt t
 Nick Iadanza
AUS3 nick t
 Sam Webb
AUS3 sam t
 Sue Clarke
AUS3 sue t

Tribe History

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  • Despite the tribe color being black, all the chyrons in confessionals are in gold.


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