The Fei Long Alliance is the majority alliance from Survivor: China.

Created on Day 4 by Todd Herzog, Amanda Kimmel and Aaron Reisberger. Before the merge they adopted fellow Fei Long members, Jean-Robert Bellande, Courtney Yates and Denise Martin and pre-tribe swap Zhan Hu member Frosti Zernow. Later, at the merge this alliance would be extended to all original Fei Long members, with the goal of eliminating all members within the Zhan Hu Alliance.


 Amanda Kimmel
Days 4-39
S15 amanda t.png
 Todd Herzog
Days 4-39
S15 todd t.png
 Aaron Reisberger
Remained Loyal
Days 4-14
S15 aaron t.png
 Courtney Yates
Remained Loyal
Days 17-39
S15 courtney t.png
 Denise Martin
Days 17-38
S15 denise t.png
 Frosti Zernow
Days 17-27
S15 frosti t.png
 James Clement
Days 17-30
S15 james t.png


S15 jeanrobert t.png


Instant Attraction

On Day 4, Todd and Amanda came together, saying that each other's wit, cleverness, and drive to play the game attracted them to one another. They also brought in fellow tribe mate, Aaron, in order to have somebody that was leading the tribe to carry out their orders for them. The Fei Long Alliance was strong pre-tribe switch, voting out Leslie Nease on Day 9.

Tribe Switch

After the tribe switch on Day 13, Aaron joined Zhan Hu along with James Clement. Aaron was then later voted off by the rival Zhan Hu Alliance on Day 15 after they successfully threw the challenge.

New Members

Because of Aaron's oust, Todd and Amanda were forced to include the other true Fei Long members, Jean-Robert Bellande, Courtney Yates, and Denise Martin. Frosti Zernow also joined the Fei Long Alliance after being present when Todd and Amanda found the Hidden Immunity Idol at the Fei Long camp. Todd and Amanda had no choice but to tell Frosti who ultimately remained loyal to Fei Long and became the seventh member of the Fei Long Alliance. James Clement, a previous member of Fei Long, also joined the alliance after the tribes merged on Day 20.

Merging with Zhan Hu

Final Tribal Council

The Final Tribal Council consisted of alliance members Todd, Courtney and Amanda. In the end Todd won the game in a 4-2-1 vote, with Courtney becoming the first runner-up and Amanda placing in 3rd.


  • Leslie Nease is the only member of the original Fei Long tribe to not be a member of this alliance.
  • Frosti Zernow is the only person to be affiliated with the alliance and be a member of the original Zhan Hu.
  • Aaron Reisberger is the only member of the alliance who did not make it to the merge, and as such, not get ousted by the other alliance members once the Zhan Hu Alliance members were voted out. 



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