Faulty Towers is a recurring physical and mental challenge that originated in Survivor: Edge of Extinction and was later used in Island of the Idols.


Each team must toss coconuts into a basket to make the basket heavier, triggering a tower of 20 large puzzle pieces to collapse. They must then use the heavy pieces to solve a puzzle that reveals the season's logo.


This challenge was first used as an unaired Reward Challenge on Day 26 in Edge of Extinction. The team of Gavin Whitson, Kelley Wentworth, and Lauren O'Connell won reward, and shared it with Julie Rosenberg.[1]

The challenge reappeared as an Immunity Challenge in Island of the Idols, where three members would shoot coconuts into the basket, while the last four members solved the puzzle. In a closely fought challenge, Vokai barely edged out Lairo, sending Lairo back to Tribal Council.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
Edge of Extinction
"Blood of a Blindside"
Team Reward S38 gavin tS38 kelley tS38 lauren t
Gavin, Kelley, & Lauren
Island of the Idols
"I Was Born at Night, but Not Last Night"
Tribal Immunity S39 aaron tS39 dan tS39 elaine t
S39 elizabeth tS39 lauren tS39 missy tS39 tommy t




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