The Fat Five is one of the two more influential alliances of Survivor: Vanuatu. Although most of the members were pagonged after the tribe swap, the winner of this season belongs to this alliance.



After losing the first Immunity Challenge on Day 3, Chris was the obvious choice to leave since he blew the lead Lopevi had in that challenge. However, after Sarge was approached by John K, John P, Brook, and Brady, he realized the younger members of Lopevi were tight, so an alliance was formed between the remaining members to counter the alliance of younger guys, who also came up with the name of this alliance. At Tribal Council, the alliance carried out their plans, much to the frustration of the younger Lopevi members who tried to eliminate Chris or Rory, and Brook, John P, and Brady would be voted out.

Tribal Switch

Following an earthquake, the tribes were rearranged by Sarge and Scout. Chris, Sarge, and Chad remained on Lopevi with enemy John K. and Yasur members Julie and Twila, while Rory and Bubba were moved to Yasur with the other women. While on Yasur, Ami lead the women to align against the men, Sarge, Chris, and Chad were welcoming to Julie and Twila, hoping they would align with them. Julie however lied to Twila to ensure that their loyalty would remain to the women after the merge. The Yasur women targeted Bubba first since he tried to convince Chris to have Lopevi throw the challenge, which was unsuccessful and got him voted out. Rory was spared though when Ami deemed Lisa untrustworthy and she convinced Rory, Eliza, and Leann to vote Lisa out. Believing the women on Lopevi would be loyal to them, the Fat Five voted out John K.

Betrayal After the merge

After the merge, Rory warned his allies about Ami turning the women against the men, but Chris, Chad, and Sarge were confident in Julie and Twila's loyalty. At Tribal Council, the women stuck together and voted out Rory to the remaining men's surprise. Sarge and Chad would be voted out at the next two Tribal Councils, but the women's alliance was very close to crumbling.

Last Man Standing

Chris revealed to everyone what Scout and Twila told him and Chad about turning on the women's alliance, which had Ami and Leann worried. Chris narrowly lost the Immunity Challenge on Day 30 and told his fiancée he was going home.

The Crumble In the Women's Alliance

However, Ami, Leann, Julie, Scout, and Twila agreed to voted out Eliza instead, deeming her less worthy than Chris to stay in the game. Scout and Twila used this opportunity to change the game in their favor, and Chris and Eliza joined them in voting out Leann. Suddenly Chris was in a powerful position. With all the conflicts going on (mainly involving Ami, Eliza, and Twila) and Chris winning three of the four remaining Immunity Challenges, Chris was able to vote out who he needed to and make his way to the final 2, where his Fat Five allies Chad and Sarge contributed to Chris beating Twila in a 5-2 jury vote to become the Sole Survivor of Survivor: Vanuatu.



  • Despite being known by the fans as "Fat Five", the alliance was referred on the TV show as "The Fab Five".


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