Fasten Your Seatbelts is the tenth episode of Survivor: Edge of Extinction.


Day 28

Day 29


Challenge: Dressed to Keel
Divided into two teams of four, two members of each team will need to swim to a platform, where they will need to pull themselves under and untie a set of rings. They will then bring the rings to a second platform, where the remaining two team members will toss the rings onto three floating pegs. The first team to land all three rings wins.
Reward: Trip to the Sebato mud pits and a feast.
Winner: Blue Team (Julie Rosenberg, Lauren O'Connell, Rick Devens, Wardog DaSilva)

Challenge: Star Man
Castaways will need to race over a series of frames, while holding a buoy. They will then maneuver a second buoy through a rope tunnel. Next, castaways will have to untie a third buoy and crawl under a net. They'll use the keys attached to a buoys to unlock their puzzle pieces. The first person to finish their star puzzle wins.
Winner: Rick Devens

Edge of Extinction

Edge of Extinction Inhabitants
S38 aubry tS38 chris tS38 david tS38 eric t
S38 joe tS38 julia tS38 kelley tS38 reem t
Aubry, Chris, David, Eric, Joe, Julia, Kelley, Reem
Left Game:

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 12:
S38 wardog t
Wardog (6 votes)
S38 aurora tS38 gavin tS38 julie t
S38 lauren tS38 ron tS38 victoria t
Aurora, Gavin, Julie, Lauren, Ron, Victoria
S38 aurora t
Aurora (2 votes)
S38 rick tS38 wardog t
Rick, Wardog
S38 wardog t
Wardog DaSilva
(goes to Edge of Extinction)

Voting Confessionals

Wardog was shown writing down Aurora's name, but did not give a confessional.

S38 gavin t

(voting against Wardog) Smell you later.

Still in the Running

On Edge
S38 reem t
S38 keith bw
On Edge
S38 chris t
On Edge
S38 aubry t
S38 wendy bw
On Edge
S38 joe t
On Edge
S38 eric t
On Edge
S38 julia t
On Edge
S38 david t
On Edge
S38 kelley t
On Edge
S38 wardog t
S38 aurora t
S38 gavin t
S38 julie t
S38 lauren t
S38 rick t
S38 ron t
S38 victoria t


  • This episode's title was originally listed as "La Cheeserie!".[2]
    • The original title was named after the line said by Rick Devens after he won the Immunity Challenge. As for the new title, "Fasten Your Seatbelts" is named after the quote said by Joe Anglim when Jeff Probst starts reading the votes as Tribal Council.
  • After this episode, the number of castaways on the Edge of Extinction outnumber those in the actual game, with 7 in the game and 9 on the Edge of Extinction.

Secret Scene

Behind the Scenes


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