The Fang Alliance is the majority alliance of the Nobag tribe from Survivor: Gabon.

After gaining the number's advantage from the final pre-merge Tribal Council, the Fang Alliance controlled the Nobag tribe up until the final six, where members flipped against its leaders. Thereafter, the alliance crumbled and inadvertently gave the win to a member of the opposing alliance.



After G.C. Brown resigned his title as the tribe leader of Fang on Day 10, Randy Bailey began to conspire against him along with Matty Whitmore, Susie Smith, and Dan Kay. While Randy and his allies strategized in the jungle; G.C., Ken Hoang, and Crystal Cox remained at camp and acknowledged the fact that they were not included in Randy's new group, prompting them to form their own alliance. Later that day, a Tribe Switch occurred. Ken, Crystal, and G.C. remained on Fang with Matty, in exchange for Jacquie Berg, Ace Gordon, and Kelly Czarnecki. Shortly after arriving to camp, Kelly expressed her dislike of her former Kota tribemates to Crystal, who quickly recruited her into her alliance with Ken and G.C..

The First Tribe Switch

When Fang lost the Day 12 Immunity Challenge, Jacquie and Ace campaigned to the original Fang members to vote out Kelly for her weakness in challenges. However, the Fang Alliance (now including Matty) decided to vote against Jacquie after Kelly informed them of her strong relationships with the former Kota tribe, eliminating her in a 5-2 vote.

As Fang continued to lose challenges, tensions within the alliance began to raise, particularly between G.C. and Crystal. Thus, when Fang lost another Immunity Challenge on Day 15, G.C. began to tell the rest of the tribe to vote him out, being unable to take the stress of the game. However, the rest of the Fang Alliance was concerned about the possibility of Sugar Kiper (who joined the tribe after Jacquie's elimination) and Ace using a Hidden Immunity Idol against them. Before Tribal Council, Crystal searched through Sugar's bag and found the Idol, causing the alliance to consider blindsiding her over voting out G.C.. In the end though, the Fang Alliance decided to honor G.C.'s wishes and voted him out unanimously.

Acknowledging his position in the tribe, Ace formed a secret alliance with Matty in order to protect himself and Sugar from being picked off by the Fang Alliance. When Fang lost yet another challenge, Crystal became emotional and started to cry. This greatly annoyed Kelly, who considered her weak for doing so. When Crystal learned of this, she confronted Kelly, causing an argument between the two. Using this conflict as leverage, Matty and Ace convinced Ken and Crystal to turn against Kelly, unanimously eliminating her from the tribe.

On Day 21, Jeff Probst revealed that both tribes would attend Tribal Council. Due to her poor performance at the challenge, Ken and Crystal decided to target Sugar. However, when Marcus Lehman won the Individual Immunity Challenge, he had the option to grant another Immunity Necklace to a member of Fang, he selected Sugar and she became immune from the vote. Back at camp, Ken and Crystal realized that Matty was no longer loyal to the Fang Alliance and had allied with Ace. In an attempt to solidify a majority vote against Ace, Ken approached Sugar and lied to her, exclaiming how Ace was only using Sugar for her possession of the Hidden Immunity Idol. Despite some skepticism, Sugar ultimately believed Ken's lie, joining the Fang Alliance in blindsiding Ace with a 3-2 vote.

Rise To Power

Another Tribe Switch occurred on Day 22, sending Ken and Crystal to Kota and leaving Matty and Sugar on Fang. At the new Kota, Marcus discovered that one of his closest friends was Crystal's cousin, prompting him to ally with her. When Kota lost the next Immunity Challenge, Marcus lobbied to vote off Ken, promising Crystal a spot in his alliance with the original Kota members at the merge. However, Crystal was reluctant to betray Ken due to their strong friendship. Thus, she told Ken of Marcus' plan and the two decided to vote against him. Needing a third vote, Crystal went to Susie and told her of the promises that Marcus had made to her. This surprised Susie, as Marcus had made a promise to take her to the Final Three as well. This revelation prompted Susie to side with the Fang Alliance at Tribal Council, blindsiding Marcus.

Fang and Kota officially merged on Day 27, becoming the Nobag tribe. Almost immediately, the tribe was divided between the Fang Alliance (Ken, Crystal, Susie, and Matty who rejoined out of necessity) against the remnants of Marcus' Onion Alliance, with both groups vying over Sugar's vote. While the Onion Alliance targeted Crystal, Ken convinced the Fang Alliance to target Charlie Herschel by fabricating a story that he was the "brains" behind the rival alliance. In an effort to secure her vote, Ken also told this to Sugar. At Tribal Council that night, Sugar chose to side with the Fang Alliance, voting out Charlie in a close 5-4 vote. With their majority vote, Randy was targeted next primarily by Crystal and Sugar. Cluing in Bob on her scheme, Sugar planned to humiliate Randy by having Bob give Randy his fake idol to use at the next Tribal Council. As Ken was able to win immunity, the plan went through with Randy misplaying a fake idol. Laughing uncontrollably, Crystal and Sugar along with the rest of the alliance voted Randy out in a 5-3 vote.


The alliance ended after Ken placed a vote on Matty as a fail safe in case Corinne really did have the Hidden Immunity Idol, which resulted in Matty betraying him and Crystal, ending the alliance.


  • The members of Fang Alliance who reached the jury phase (Crystal, Ken, and Matty) unanimously voted for their ally Susie Smith to be the Sole Survivor.
    • However, Susie failed to win as there were more jury members of the Onion Alliance who also unitedly voted for their ally Bob Crowley.



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