Fang​ is a tribe from Survivor: Gabon.

Fang was one of two tribes with 9 castaways that began in "Want to See the Elephant Dung?". The tribe was known for their extensive losing streak in challenges during the pre-merge portion of the game, but managed to rebound post-merge by systematically eliminating the rival Kota tribe members. Their tribe color is red.


 Crystal Cox
29, Durham, NC
Former Olympic athlete
S17 crystal t
 Dan Kay
32, Boston, MA
S17 dan t
 G.C. Brown
25, Portland, OR
Maintenance man
S17 gc t
 Gillian Larson
61, Temecula, CA
Retired nurse
S17 gillian t
 Ken Hoang
22, Westminster, CA
Professional gamer
S17 ken t
 Matty Whitmore
29, Pacific Palisades, CA
Personal trainer
S17 matty t
 Michelle Chase
24, Los Angeles, CA
Music producer
S17 michelle t
 Randy Bailey
49, Eagle Rock, MO
Wedding videographer
S17 randy t
 Susie Smith
47, Charles City, IA
S17 susie t

S17 ace t
S17 crystal t
S17 gc t
S17 jacquie t
 Ken Hoang
S17 ken t
S17 sugar t

^1 As Sugar was not selected at the tribe switch on Day 10, she was exiled until after the next Tribal Council, joining Fang on Day 13.

 Charlie Herschel
S17 charlie t
 Corinne Kaplan
S17 corinne t
 Matty Whitmore
S17 matty t
 Randy Bailey
S17 randy t
 Sugar Kiper
S17 sugar t

Tribe History

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  • From the beginning of the game until the second Tribe Switch, the tribe's name was pronounced as /fɑng/ (pronounced "fong"), but after the second switch, it was changed by Corinne Kaplan to /fæng/ (sounding like how "fang" is usually pronounced in American English), because she thought the original pronunciation was "tainted" due to its misfortunes.
  • Matty Whitmore is the only original member of Fang to stay on the tribe until the merge.
  • Among all the red tribes in Survivor history, Fang fared the worst in challenges, winning only four of the season's thirteen tribal challenges.
  • Fang, along with its rival Kota tribe, are the third and fourth tribes to have its tribe name originate from an actual tribe or ethnic group, following Africa's Boran and Samburu tribes, which are also African-based tribes. Fang is the dominant language of the Bantu and is spoken by 32% of Gabon inhabitants.
  • Fang, along with Kota, are the first two tribes to be a part of two full tribe switches.