The Fan Favorite Award (later called Sprint Player of the Season for sponsorship purposes) is a special title earned by a contestant for being the most popular with the audience of their season. This contestant receives an extra prize that is separate from their talent fee from appearing on the show.


Before the finale, viewers vote for their favorite contestant of the season. At the Reunion Show, the winner is revealed, and he/she will receive an extra prize, apart from his/her Survivor winnings and appearance at the live show. The winner of the season is also eligible to win this award, which would increase his/her winnings further.


Survivor: America's Tribal Council

Please see, Survivor: America's Tribal Council.

The first fan favorite award was revealed during the Survivor: All-Stars reunion show, where the viewers voted for the most popular All-Star contestant. They also got the chance to vote for their favorite moments of the first eight seasons.

After a voting period which lasted for a week, a second reunion show was held, where Rupert Boneham was awarded the fan favorite award, earning himself $1,000,000, even though he technically did not win the actual competition. This format generated controversy among fans, calling it "unfair" for Boneham to merely win a popularity contest, while he failed to win the title of Sole Survivor in both of his seasons.[1]

Panama and Cook Islands

In Panama and Cook Islands, viewers could vote for their favorite castaway to win a car.

Sprint Player Of The Season

From Survivor: China to Survivor: Caramoan, viewers could vote for their favorite castaway to win an extra $100,000 sponsored by telecommunications company Sprint.

List of Fan Favorite Award Winners

Season Fan Favorite Closest
(via Survivor: America's Tribal Council)
S8 rupert t
Rupert Boneham
S8 tom tS8 colby tS8 robm t
Tom Buchanan, Colby Donaldson, Rob Mariano
Panama S12 cirie t
Cirie Fields
Undisclosed GMC Yukon
Cook Islands S13 ozzy t
Ozzy Lusth
S13 yul t
Yul Kwon
Mercury Mariner
China S15 james t
James Clement
S15 denise tS15 peihgee t
Denise Martin, Peih-Gee Law
Micronesia S16 james t
James Clement
S16 amanda tS16 ozzy t
Amanda Kimmel, Ozzy Lusth
Gabon S17 bob t
Bob Crowley
S17 sugar tS17 matty t
Sugar Kiper, Matty Whitmore
Tocantins S18 jt t
J.T. Thomas
S18 taj tS18 sierra t
Taj Johnson-George, Sierra Reed
Samoa S19 russellh t
Russell Hantz
S19 shambo tS19 brett t
Shambo Waters, Brett Clouser
Heroes vs. Villains S20 russell t
Russell Hantz
S20 rupert t
Rupert Boneham
Nicaragua S21 jane t
Jane Bright
Redemption Island S22 rob t
Rob Mariano
S22 matt t
Matt Elrod
South Pacific S23 ozzy t
Ozzy Lusth
S23 cochran t
John Cochran
One World S24 kim t
Kim Spradlin
S24 troyzan tS24 tarzan tS24 chelsea t
Troyzan Robertson, Tarzan Smith, Chelsea Meissner
Philippines S25 lisa t
Lisa Whelchel
S25 malcolm t
Malcolm Freberg
Caramoan S26 malcolm t
Malcolm Freberg
S26 brenda t
Brenda Lowe


  • From Heroes vs. Villains to Caramoan, all the men to win the Fan Favorite Award were returnees, whereas all the women to win the Fan Favorite Award were newbies.
  • Lisa Whelchel is the only new castaway in a season with returning players to win the Fan Favorite Award.
  • Malcolm Freberg is the lowest placing castaway to win the Fan Favorite Award, as he finished in 9th in the season where he won the award.
  • Ozzy Lusth, Russell Hantz, and James Clement are the only people to win the award twice.
    • Russell and James are the only castaways to be win the award in back-to-back seasons.
  • Bob Crowley is the oldest person to win the award. Jane Bright is the oldest woman to win the award. J.T. Thomas is the youngest person to win the award. Kim Spradlin is the youngest woman to win the award.
  • Bob, J.T., Kim, and Rob Mariano are the only players to win both the title of Sole Survivor and the Fan Favorite Award in the same season.


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