Family Values is the third episode of Survivor: Thailand.


Night 6

Spirits remained high at Chuay Gahn even after losing the first three challenges. 

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9


Challenge: Pilfering Pirates
The tribes had to race along a narrow bamboo course over water. At the center of the course was an "Attack Zone" where the Survivors could physically knock each other off the course. At the end of the course were two boats, one for each tribe, filled with baskets. Their goal was to negotiate the course, steal a basket from the opposing team's boat and return it to their own team's starting boat. If at any point a tribe member was not in the "Attack Zone" when they made contact with their opponent, they will be disqualified and the tribe will lose a basket to their opposing tribe. First tribe to steal ten baskets would win.
Reward: A visit from the Thai Red Beret Special Forces Soldiers, who would help improve living conditions back at camp for twenty-four hours.
Winner: Chuay Gahn

Challenge: Temple Transfer
Each tribe was given three stations and one temple made up of six pieces. The goal was to transfer one piece of the temple at a time from the first to the third platform and reconstruct the temple identically. The catch was that they could never place a larger piece over a smaller piece. First tribe to successfully rebuild their temple would win.
Winner: Chuay Gahn

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 3:
Sook Jai
S5 jed t
Jed (5 votes)
S5 erin tS5 jake t
S5 ken tS5 penny tS5 shiiann t
Erin, Jake, Ken, Penny, Shii Ann
S5 shiiann t
Shii Ann (3 votes)
S5 jed tS5 robb tS5 stephanie t
Jed, Robb, Stephanie
S5 jed bw
Jed Hildebrand

Voting Confessionals

(voting against Jed) If you did half the chores you tried to delegate to other people, this wouldn't be happening.


(voting against Shii Ann) Well, Shii Ann, we never really seemed to click. You sort of, uh, got on my nerves. You're a sweetheart, but, I'll catch you on the flip side, baby.


Final Words

You don't see anything coming but any time you go to Tribal Council, your head is on the chopping block. Whether it be a threat. Whether you rub people the wrong way. I just hope that everyone else takes and step back and enjoys the beauty of Thailand and the awesomeness of this experience.

Jed Hildebrand

Still in the Running

S5 john bw
S5 tanya bw
S5 jed bw
Chuay Gahn
S5 brian t
Chuay Gahn
S5 clay t
Sook Jai
S5 erin t
Chuay Gahn
S5 ghandia t
Chuay Gahn
S5 helen t
Sook Jai
S5 jake t
Chuay Gahn
S5 jan t
Sook Jai
S5 ken t
Sook Jai
S5 penny t
Sook Jai
S5 robb t
 Shii Ann
Sook Jai
S5 shiiann t
Sook Jai
S5 stephanie t
Chuay Gahn
S5 ted t


  • Ken, Jed, Robb, and Stephanie became the first contestants to be disqualified from a challenge for breaking the challenge rules. They were not all in the "attack zone" when they made contact with their opponents during the Reward Challenge.
  • Prophetically, the sit-outs of Sook Jai for this episode's challenges, Jake and Erin (for the Reward Challenge), and Ken and Penny (for the Immunity Challenge) were the ones who made it through the game's jury phase.


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