The Fab Five, (also known as The Fearsome Five), was the dominant alliance during the merge, while the core members started as the dominant Coyopa Pairs Alliance in post-Switch Coyopa, in Survivor: San Juan del Sur.


Oh, Pairs!

The alliance formed when Jon and Jaclyn wanted to ally with Missy, Baylor, and by extension Natalie since they trusted her throughout the season. Together the group worked to get everyone else eliminated and get themselves further.

Jon and Jaclyn's Decision

Jon and Jaclyn where on the fence the entire phase of the merge and which side would get them farther int he game. Ultimately they decided to go with the members of the Fab Five alliance due to the men not treating Jaclyn with any respect or acknowledgement while Jon was on Exile Island.

Taking Control

Together the alliance worked together to get rid of the opposition that stood in their way and got Wes Nale and Reed Kelly eliminated from the game back to back and successfully flushed Keith Nale's idol.

Natalie's Revenge

Natalie secretly harbored resentment against members of her alliance, namely Jon Misch for his role in blindsiding Jeremy Collins. She waited and plotted against them and kept her cover by giving up Reward Challenges and sharing some with her team to keep her cover. Her first move was causing the elimination of Alec Christy after the alliance agreed to vote out Keith in hopes of gaining his support in blindsiding Jon. She played off the incident as an accident and kept her cover with Jaclyn and Jon. Over the course of the next few days Natalie was successful in tricking Jon into not playing his idol and getting Missy and Baylor to help send him home. Knowing going into the finales with a pair wasn't a good idea she played her idol on Jaclyn in order to get Baylor eliminated while successfully getting revenge on all those who voted out Jeremy.

Final Tribal Council



  • Natalie is the only member of the alliance not to have a loved one in the alliance as well.


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