The Extra Vote is an advantage that is occasionally available to castaways. It allows players to vote twice in one Tribal Council.


In appearance, the Extra Vote is similar to the parchment used in Tribal Council, however, it has a distinct margin on all four sides. This vote can be played until there are only five or six contestants left (varies per season). The player that owns it may vote for another player twice or vote for two separate people. It will be counted as any other vote, and may still be nullified by a Hidden Immunity Idol.

To use the Extra Vote, the player must state their intention in voting again before the host tallies the votes. Depending on the season, they may or may not be required to reveal their use of the advantage in public.

Extra Votes at Revotes

The exact mechanics of the Extra Vote at a revote following a tie are currently unknown.

In Survivor: Ghost Island, the note presented to Kellyn Bechtold when she received her Extra Vote stated that it would "extend through a tie and revote",[1] but at the actual Tribal Council where she used it, she did not vote twice, as she claimed that she had forgotten that it could be used on a revote.[2]


Worlds Apart

The Extra Vote (described only as an "advantage") first appeared at the Survivor Auction on Day 25, when Carolyn Rivera, Dan Foley, and Mike Holloway paid $480 for the advantage. As the bid ended in a tie, the contestants drew rocks for a chance to win it. Dan won the rock draw and the Extra Vote. Tyler Fredrickson later searched Dan's bag and discovered the advantage and its powers. Dan played his advantage at the Day 35 Tribal Council, voting for Carolyn twice. Afraid that she might be eliminated as a result of the Extra Vote being cast, Carolyn used her Hidden Immunity Idol to negate all votes for her (including the Extra Vote), blindsiding Dan himself.

Kaôh Rōng

The Extra Vote was introduced during the final eight Reward Challenge on Day 25 as one of the three rewards that could be competed for in the challenge, A Leg Up. Aubry Bracco, Cydney Gillon, and Tai Trang chose to compete for this advantage, with Tai ultimately outlasting Aubry to win. Tai later opened up the advantage to reveal that it was an Extra Vote that would be valid until five contestants remain. Tai used his advantage at the Day 32 Tribal Council. He placed his two votes on Michele Fitzgerald, but his plan did not work as his alliance decided to eliminate Kyle Jason instead, resulting in a 4-2-1 vote.

Game Changers

After being left without a tribe after a Tribe Switch on Day 14, Debbie Wanner was sent off to Exile Island until the next Tribal Council was completed. Former two-time castaway and Caramoan winner John Cochran visited Debbie on Exile Island and offered her an Advantage Menu—a choice between three advantages—and she opted to pick the Extra Vote over a fake Hidden Immunity Idol kit or an advantage for her tribe at the next Immunity Challenge. Debbie used the advantage on Day 24, voting against Ozzy Lusth twice and ensuring a majority vote, even though Ozzy would have gone home regardless.

Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers

On Day 20, Lauren Rimmer found an advantage hidden in a bundle of nails given to the Solewa tribe during the merge. This advantage required her to abstain from voting the immediate Tribal Council before being granted an Extra Vote that she could use at a future Tribal Council. Lauren was voted out at the Day 33 Tribal Council after Ben Driebergen used his Hidden Immunity Idol to negate all votes for him, blindsiding Lauren with the unused Extra Vote still in her possession.

Ghost Island

After the Reward Challenge on Day 18, Kellyn Bechtold was sent back to Ghost Island by the Naviti tribe. There, she decided to play for an advantage and was allowed two out of three chances to receive one, and she received the Vote Steal used by Sarah Lacina to vote out Michaela Bradshaw in Game Changers, which was now an Extra Vote at a Tribal Council, and could be used up to the final six. At the second half of the Day 29 Double Elimination, Kellyn cast two votes for Laurel Johnson in order to split the vote between Laurel and Michael Yerger; after the vote tied, Kellyn helped vote out Michael at the revote.

After the Reward Challenge on Day 33, Sebastian Noel was sent to Ghost Island by Domenick Abbate and Wendell Holland. There, he decided to play for an advantage and was allowed three out of four chances to receive an advantage. He received Sarah Lacina's Vote Steal from Game Changers, which was still an Extra Vote, and was put back in play after Kellyn misplayed it earlier on. Sebastian was voted out at the Day 36 Tribal Council after opting not to use the Extra Vote at the last Tribal Council in which he could have done so.

Edge of Extinction

During the marooning on Day 1, a secret advantage was hidden among the supplies that castaways could gather. Ron Clark found the advantage, which turned out to be an Advantage Menu giving him one of three advantages up until the third Tribal Council. He could either steal the reward from the winning tribe, use the parchment as an Extra Vote, or use it for individual immunity, which would work similar to a Hidden Immunity Idol. Ron did not have to choose any advantage as his tribe did not go to any of the first three Tribal Councils, leaving the Advantage Menu to expire after the Day 8 Tribal Council.

On Day 13, a standalone Extra Vote was hidden on the Edge of Extinction, which the finder had to gift to a castaway attending the next Tribal Council. This Extra Vote would be good until the final seven. Rick Devens found the Extra Vote and gifted it to Aubry Bracco after Manu lost the following Immunity Challenge. However, Aubry was blindsided without using it the very same night, with the Extra Vote being taken out of play after she was sent to the Edge of Extinction herself.[3]

On Day 21, another Extra Vote was hidden on the Edge of Extinction, but due to the tribes being merged, it could be given to any castaway on the Vata tribe. Aubry found the Extra Vote, again usable until the final seven, and gifted it to Aurora McCreary after the following Immunity Challenge. On Day 27, Aurora transferred possession of the Extra Vote to Ron, who allowed her to reclaim it the following day. On Day 31, Aurora, fearing being part of a tie vote, once again transferred possession, this time to Gavin Whitson, who held individual immunity, as part of a Split Vote plan against Ron on the last night that the Extra Vote could be used to ensure that its effects would carry into a revote. Their plan was successful, and Ron was voted out that night after Rick played an idol for himself.

Island of the Idols

On Day 34, Dean Kowalski was selected by random draw to go to the Island of the Idols. For his mentors' challenge, Rob Mariano and Sandra Diaz-Twine offered him a choice of three advantages—an Extra Vote, an Idol Nullifier, or a Hidden Immunity Idol good for the next Tribal Council which could not be played on himself— if he won a game of chance. Dean chose to play for an Idol Nullifier.

Winners at War

After the merge, a "Create an ally" option was added to the available items on the Edge of Extinction. This allowed any player on the Edge to pay two Fire Tokens to send an Extra Vote to someone in the main game, and the advantage receiver would know who sent it to them. However, nobody chose to take the option for the remainder of the game.


Season Location Episode Acquired Original Owner Given To Episode Used Intended Target Successful? Eliminated
Survivor: Worlds Apart Survivor Auction "Bring the Popcorn" S30 dan t
Dan Foley
None "My Word Is My Bond" S30 carolyn t
Carolyn Rivera
S30 dan bw
Dan Foley
Survivor: Kaôh Rōng Day 25 Individual Reward "I'm Not Here to Make Good Friends" S32 tai t
Tai Trang
None "Now's the Time to Start Scheming" S32 michele t
Michele Fitzgerald
S32 jason bw
Kyle Jason
Survivor: Game Changers Exile Island "Vote Early, Vote Often" S34 debbie t
Debbie Wanner
None "There's a New Sheriff in Town" S34 ozzy t
Ozzy Lusth
S34 ozzy bw
Ozzy Lusth
Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers Hidden in bundle of nails during the merge "Playing with the Devil" S35 lauren t
Lauren Rimmer
None Unused
Survivor: Ghost Island On Ghost Island "Gotta Risk It for the Biscuit" S36 kellyn t
Kellyn Bechtold
None "The Finish Line Is in Sight" S36 laurel t
Laurel Johnson
S36 michael bw
Michael Yerger
"Always Be Moving" S36 sebastian t
Sebastian Noel
None Unused
Survivor: Edge of Extinction Hidden during the marooning "It Smells Like Success" S38 ron t
Ron Clark
None Unused
On the Edge of Extinction "It's Like the Worst Cocktail Party Ever" S38 aubry t
Aubry Bracco
None Unused
"I'm the Puppet Master" S38 aurora t
Aurora McCreary
S38 ron tS38 aurora tS38 gavin t
Ron Clark → Aurora McCreary → Gavin Whitson
"Awkward" S38 ron t
Ron Clark
S38 ron bw
Ron Clark


  • The Extra Vote had previously been introduced in several international versions of the series like Expedition Robinson and Survivor Philippines. In the Philippine version, the Extra Vote was also offered during the auction as a regular sealed item. The winning bidder, Charisse Yacapin, was given a choice between an already revealed food item and the still-covered Extra Vote. She chose the food.
  • Though the Extra Vote has helped eliminate its target multiple times, the individual vote alone has never altered the eventual outcome of Tribal Council.
    • In Worlds Apart, the person playing the Extra Vote was eliminated at that Tribal Council.
    • In Kaôh Rōng, both the user and the target survived Tribal Council.
    • In Game Changers and Edge of Extinction (third time) the target was voted out, but by at least a two-vote margin.
    • In Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, Ghost Island (second time), and Edge of Extinction (second time), the holder was voted out without using it.
    • In Ghost Island (first time), the target was the secondary half of a split vote, and survived the revote.
    • In Edge of Extinction (first time), the Extra Vote was made available as one of the three possible choices of an Advantage Menu, which was good up until the third Tribal Council. However, the holder's tribe never went to any of the first three Tribal Councils, leaving the Advantage Menu to expire.
  • Whenever the Extra Vote was used, it was always used to vote for the same person twice.
  • The Extra Vote is the only advantage offered on both occasions an Advantage Menu was available.
  • Lauren Rimmer is the first castaway to have their Extra Vote flushed from the game.
  • Sebastian Noel is the first castaway to let their Extra Vote expire.
  • Aurora McCreary (Edge of Extinction) became the first player to transfer ownership of the Extra Vote to another player, when she gave her Extra Vote to Ron Clark.
    • Ron is the first player to possess two Extra Votes in one season, the first as a possible choice of an Advantage Menu (which expired unused), and the second being given to him by Aurora. Ron is also the first player to be voted out by an Extra Vote he once possessed.


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