The Exile Alliance was an alliance from Survivor: Tocantins.

The Exile Alliance was the first alliance to be created pre-merge between members of opposing tribes. However, the alliance never saw real life in the game as it was disbanded after the first post-merge Tribal Council.



The alliance was formed by Taj Johnson-George and Brendan Synnott after the two had been sent to Exile Island. They created the alliance in hopes that when they reached the merge they would be able to blindside all their remaining opponents. After visiting Exile Island together numerous times, the alliance was so strengthened that Brendan and Taj decided to add more members to their alliance. Brendan chose to add Sierra Reed to the alliance while Taj chose Stephen Fishbach to join them.


After reaching the merge with all their members intact, the Exile Alliance chose Coach Wade to be their first target. The duo of Taj and Stephen decided instead to go against the alliance and split their votes between Sierra and Brendan. After Brendan's blindside, the alliance crumbled and disbanded.


  • This is the first ever alliance formed on Exile Island.



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