Everything Is Personal is the eleventh episode of Survivor: Guatemala.


Day 28

Day 29

Day 30


Challenge: Shattered Dreams
Each castaway has three pots filled with corn. The contestants will be asked questions about the Maya culture and about Guatemala. Each time a contestant answers a question correctly, they will smash somebody else's pot.The last person with a pot left hanging wins reward.
Reward: A trip to a hot springs waterfall into a cool pit of water where they will get a feast of mojitos, shrimp, beef, and chicken along with a massage,
Winner: Cindy Hall (shared with Rafe Judkins)

Challenge: Maya Folklore
The castaways must listen to a story about the moon goddess Ixchel and her life, then run to one of seven stations, assemble six puzzle blocks to reveal a question about the story, and answer it. Get a right answer, they find a flag for their flag station. Get a wrong answer, they find a stick and take it to the fire before returning. First to get all seven flags wins.
Winner: Rafe Judkins

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 12:
S11 gary t.png
Gary (6 votes)
S11 cindy t.pngS11 danni t.pngS11 judd t.png
S11 lydia t.pngS11 rafe t.pngS11 stephenie t.png
Cindy, Danni, Judd, Lydia, Rafe, Stephenie
S11 cindy t.png
Cindy (1 vote)
S11 gary t.png
S11 gary bw.png
Gary Hogeboom

Voting Confessionals

Gary, you've been running around the jungle for two days, man, like a squirrel tryin' to get a damn nut, man. Do me a favor — get the hell out of here.


(voting for Gary) I'm sticking to my alliance. You're a great guy. You've played an awesome game, but you're way too big of a threat, and if you stay around, I won't. See you on the outside.


Gary, I decided to vote you out tonight because I knew that the information I was telling you was getting spread around. You proved it at Tribal Council.


(voting for Gary) To say that anyone doesn't deserve to be in this game, is not a very good way to play this game. Everybody deserves to be here, and I'm definitely one of them. To say that you haven't lied when you say, "Let's four get together and have an alliance" and then two other people come along and you leave the group and now you want an alliance with them, and two more people come along and you want an alliance with them? You're lying to someone. That's why I am still here, and you're not.


(voting for Gary) I'm only writing your name down because you told me to. So, it's going to be a unanimous vote. You are not a liar. You're a man of your word. You're an awesome guy. I look up to you like a father figure. I'm absolutely gonna miss you around camp for the next few days.


(voting for Gary) You've played this game very well - strategically, and with great pride, but I didn't know you felt that way about me being a coattail; I didn't like that comment. The tribe has spoken. Gotta go.


Cindy, I thought I was pretty nice to you, but then you attack me like a wild dog with rabies.


Final Words

What a great time. I had fun. It was a great competition. I loved meeting the people. My tribe does not know my real name which is Gary Hogeboom. I didn't feel that it would be an advantage if they knew I used to play in the NFL. So that was the lie I told, but I told it because I wanted to be judged on how I played the game, not on who I was in the past.

Gary Hogeboom

Still in the Running

S11 jim bw.png
S11 morgan bw.png
S11 brianna bw.png
S11 brooke bw.png
S11 blake bw.png
S11 margaret bw.png
S11 brian bw.png
S11 amy bw.png
S11 brandon bw.png
S11 bobbyjon bw.png
S11 jamie bw.png
S11 gary bw.png
S11 cindy t.png
S11 danni t.png
S11 judd t.png
S11 lydia t.png
S11 rafe t.png
S11 stephenie t.png


  • With Gary's elimination, Danni is the only member of the post-switch Yaxhá tribe remaining.
  • This is the second time an episode of Survivor has aired immediately following CBS's NFL coverage. A Denver Broncos-Dallas Cowboys game ran long, ending at 7:48 pm EST and requiring the NFL on CBS post-game show to be shortened to 12 minutes. Coincidentally, the same two teams were responsible for the previous such incident.
    • Furthering the coincidence, the person voted out in this episode was former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Gary Hogeboom.
  • As of this episode, Stephenie LaGrossa has improved on her previous placement; she previously placed 7th in her first season.


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