Evan Jones is a contestant from Australian Survivor (2016).

An intense strategist and fan of the show, Evan went into the game lying about his career as a drama teacher, planning to win at all costs. After catching Rohan MacLaren and Phoebe Timmins lying about choosing a clue to a Hidden Immunity Idol over a bag of beans for the tribe, Evan informed several tribemates of their untrustworthiness. This ultimately led to his downfall when Phoebe caught wind of his scheming and managed to gather the numbers to vote him out, blindsiding him.


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Age: 30
Occupation: High School Teacher
State: VIC

High school teacher Evan loves his job and thinks it is the most rewarding profession in the world.

A class clown, Evan says that he is out to prove that you don't have to be the smartest or most athletic person to win Australian Survivor. He says: "My emotional intelligence combined with my ability to self deprecate in a humorous way will help me win."

As a Survivor superfan, Evan blogs about the US version and says his celebrity crush is Jeff Probst. He says: "I love the show and have admired it from afar since its inception. This will likely be one of the most exciting and challenging experiences of my life."

Happily married, Evan knows leaving his wife behind will be the hardest part of the competition but he won't be letting his fellow castaways know, "I will remove emotion and play the game hard. In life, my word means a hell of a lot. Out there, it means absolutely nothing in terms of being an honest person. I will use 'my word' at every turn if it solidifies trust with someone and happily go back on it if it suits me best."[1]

Australian Survivor

Despite opting to keep his true occupation a secret in order to prevent being seen as a manipulator, Evan was pegged as a strategic player from his fellow Aganoa tribemates early on. However, he still managed to quickly form a five-person alliance consisting of Lee, El, Phoebe, Rohan, and himself.

Although Aganoa struggled in challenges, all seemed to be going well for Evan until he caught Phoebe and Rohan lying about a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol. This caused a rift in the alliance and put Evan in danger when Aganoa lost their second Immunity Challenge on Day 8. Evan tried to push for Kat to go as she failed to solve the puzzle at the challenge for the second time. Ultimately, making an enemy out of Rohan and underestimating Phoebe wound up getting the better of him as his former allies secured the numbers to perform the Aganoa tribe's first blindside at Evan's expense.

Voting History

Evan's Voting History
Episode Evan's
Voted Against
1 Des -
2 Aganoa Tribe Immune
3 Kat El, Kat, Kristie,
Phoebe, Rohan
Voted Out, Day 8


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