The Espada Alliance is the majority alliance on the pre-swap Espada tribe from Survivor: Nicaragua.



On Day 6, after reading the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol, Jill Behm asked for assistance to find it to Dan Lembo and Marty Piombo. The three scurried into the woods and looked quickly for it. After some time, Marty finally found it and proposed an alliance with the two.

Marty's Rise to Power

Jealous of Jimmy Johnson's popularity within the tribe, Marty targeted him. Wanting to convince the tribe to vote with him, he revealed that the Hidden Immunity Idol was found. Jimmy Tarantino even congratulated him for finding it and declared that it was a "great morale booster". After losing the challenge, paranoia set in for the members of the Espada tribe which Marty then used to his advantage. He first tried convincing Jill that he doesn't believe that Jimmy J. really isn't there for the money. He then went to Dan and Jimmy T. to try and get them to vote against Jimmy J. His final crusader, Tyrone, was skeptical of Marty's plan but even more worried for Dan's physical abilities. At Tribal Council, Marty's plan to oust Jimmy J. succeeded as the whole tribe unanimously voted him out.

Annoyed with Jimmy T.'s complaints about being underused in challenges and perceived assertiveness, Marty convinced the alliance (now including Tyrone and Yve) into voting him out at Day 11's Tribal Council. At Tribal Council, Jimmy T. was successfully voted out in a 5-3 vote.

Tribe Switch

On Day 12, a tribe swap was announced by Jeff. Jill and Marty joined La Flor while Dan, Tyrone, and Yve stayed on Espada. At the new Espada, Tyrone, and Yve targeted NaOnka after she had a nervous breakdown, but Benry Henry felt that Tyrone wasn't a team player and was a bit bossy, and despite not helping prepare the chicken for dinner, Tyrone ate the most. At Tribal Council, Tyrone attempted to save himself, but it proved ineffective as he was voted off in a 6-2 vote.

Holding on by a Thread

On Day 15, Marty revealed to the alliance's new tribe that he had the idol, knowing he was in danger. Shocked that there would be a Double Tribal Council, Marty tried to lure Fabio to join his alliance. He lied by telling him that he was a chess grandmaster and was trained by none other than Guillermo Vilas, the Argentine Grandmaster. A gullible Fabio immediately believed everything Marty had said, not knowing that Marty was just bluffing because Vilas was actually a tennis player. At the new La Flor's Tribal Council, Brenda grilled on Marty about his alliance and Immunity Idol. Angered by this, he told Jane to vote for Brenda, unbeknownst to him though, she held a grudge against Marty and decided to vote against him. After the votes were read 3-3-2 in a tie between Marty and Kelly Bruno, La Flor revoted and voted out Kelly B. in a near-unanimous 5-1 vote.

La Flor Fights Back

Now knowing that Marty possessed Espada's Hidden Immunity Idol, Sash confronted Marty, promising that his alliance would spare him and eliminate Jill if he gave him the Idol. After some thought, Marty reluctantly gave in and handed over the Idol. Sash kept his word and the alliance voted out Jill in a 3-2-2 vote.

Guys' Rebellion

After winning the Reward Challenge on Day 23 with all of the remaining males except Chase, Marty tried to hatch an all guys' alliance to oust the remaining females. Benry Henry and Fabio Birza quickly joined while Sash Lenahan falsely joined. Marty convinced the new alliance to eliminate Jane, thus creating a gender-based war at the next vote. Marty then put his plan into motion by telling Chase that the men were voting for NaOnka Mixon. Chase immediately told Holly Hoffman that he thought the guys were trying to blindside Jane and he was voting for Marty. Marty told Brenda Lowe that the plan to flush the idol and blindside Jane was Sash's idea. At the next Tribal Council, Marty again made a valiant effort to vote Jane out. But in the end, Marty's plan to flush the idol failed when NaOnka did not feel threatened enough to play her idol. The La Flor Alliance effectively blindsided Marty and sent him to the jury in a 7-4 vote.


  • Jill is the only member of the alliance to not make the merge.



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