The Escameca Alliance (later known also as the Top 6 Alliance or Axis of Evil) was the majority alliance of Survivor: Worlds Apart. The alliance largely dictated gameplay after the merge, successfully incorporating disaffected elements from the former Nagarote and Masaya tribes in order to eliminate most of its chosen targets. However, the alliance was unable to neutralize erstwhile member Mike Holloway due to the latter's late-game dominance in Immunity Challenges, resulting in Mike's eventual victory.


Meeting at the Water

After losing their first Immunity Challenge on Day 11, a foursome of Dan Foley, Kelly Remington, Mike Holloway, and Rodney Lavoie Jr. was formed. The alliance initially was targeting Lindsey for her outbursts at camp but Kelly and Mike were approached by Lindsey and Sierra to vote against Rodney for his comments about women. Conflicted with the dilemma, at Tribal Council they decided to force a three-way tie between Lindsey, Rodney, and Sierra. At the revote, the alliance stayed strong and voted out Lindsey in a 3-0 vote.

Sierra's Big Decision

Distraught over Lindsey's vote out, Sierra felt she was on the bottom of the tribe and hoped for a change. Her wish was granted on Day 12 as a tribe switch occurred. She hoped that she would move tribes, however, she remained on Escameca with the majority of her original tribe mates but also was relived when Escameca gained Joe Anglim, Joaquin Souberbielle, and Tyler Fredrickson, whom she bonded with over the course of the next four days.

Fearing for Kelly Remington's life in the game, Mike and Rodney threw the Day 16 Immunity Challenge. Initially, the alliance targeted Joe for his physical abilities and likability, but after noticing Rodney's budding friendship with Joaquin, Dan and Mike targeted him. Joe joined them as he knew he would be gone had he not, likewise, Tyler joined Joaquin and Rodney in voting against Joe causing a tie. Both sides vied for Sierra's vote and lobbied her throughout Day 16 to vote against the opposition. At Tribal Council, Sierra joined Dan, Joe, and Mike in blindsiding Joaquin in a 4-3 vote.

Rodney's Revenge

Immediately after the traditional merge feast, Rodney formed a sub-alliance within the alliance with Carolyn Rivera, Kelly Remington, Will Sims II, and later Tyler Fredrickson after Kelly's blindside on Day 19.

Total Dominance

After unsuccessfully eliminating Jenn Brown at the last Tribal Council, the alliance primarily targeted Joe Anglim but also began targeting Jenn's closest ally, Hali Ford as a secondary target. Joe won immunity for the second straight time forcing the alliance to vote out Hali. Sierra considered flipping to the Nagarote Alliance after being offered an all girls' alliance with them. At tribal, Sierra decided to stay with the majority and together the alliance voted against Hali, blindsiding her in a 7-4 vote.

Shirin, feeling on the bottom of the tribe, pleaded to Mike to keep her around more while also listing good reasons as to why she should stay. The majority of the alliance later followed Joe in the woods to find the idol. Eventually, he didn't find it whereas Mike did. Joe then created a fake idol and tried to manipulate Mike with it but failed as he already found it. Back at camp, Jenn tried to get everyone, including her allies, to vote her off next. The alliance agreed to vote her off but Mike used Shirin's vote and she became the swing vote. At Tribal Council, Joe was voted out in a 5-4-1 vote instead because of Shirin voting against him and not Jenn.

The alliance eventually finished its pagonging of the Nagarote Alliance by Day 29 as both Jenn and Shirin were quickly eliminated on Day 27 and 29, becoming the third and fourth jury members.

Fracture in the Alliance

On Day 26, Mike overheard the foursome of Carolyn, Rodney, Tyler, and Will strategizing and targeting him. Shocked by their betrayal, he scolded the four when they returned to camp. From then on, Mike was kicked out of the alliance and became "public enemy number one" after he did his infamous blunder at the Survivor Auction.

Turning on Each Other

Realizing Tyler would be become her biggest adversary at the Final Tribal Council, Carolyn pondered over whether she should join Mike or stick with her alliance. After winning the Reward Challenge with him and Sierra, the three talked strategy and Mike talked about how threatening Tyler would become in the long run, furthermore conflicting Carolyn. While Carolyn managed to win immunity at the next Immunity Challenge, the majority was forced to turn on each other as Mike still had his Hidden Immunity Idol. At the subsequent Tribal Council, the alliance voted against Mike; as expected, he used his Hidden Immunity Idol negating four votes and eliminating Tyler with three votes from himself, Carolyn, and Sierra.

Mike's Immunity Run

With Tyler and Mike's idol gone, the alliance still targeted Mike. However, he won immunity again on Day 35, forcing the alliance to turn on each other. Still feeling mad about Carolyn not giving up one of her rewards for him, Rodney convinced the alliance to target her. At Tribal Council, Dan cast a second vote for Carolyn upping her vote count to five, however she used her idol she obtained from Day 2, negating the votes, sending a blindsided Dan to the jury with two votes.

Mike managed to win immunity again during the Final Five, further decreasing numbers to get rid of him. Sierra became the swing vote between two factions - Carolyn and Mike and Rodney and Will -. Although, she couldn't commit to either side and instead she ended leaving unanimously. By the Final Four, the two sides were apparent, Carolyn and Mike on one side, and Rodney and Will on the other. Mike won immunity for the last time on Day 38 and Rodney suggested to him that they vote out Carolyn. However, at Final Tribal Council, the vote ended in a tie, forcing Carolyn and Rodney to compete in a fire making challenge. Eventually, Carolyn won, sending Rodney to the jury.

At the reunion, Mike was announced the winner of Survivor: Worlds Apart in a 6-1-1 vote.




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