We build the heart of America. Blood, sweat and tears, calluses on our hands, sore at the end of the day, but a smile on our face knowing we accomplished good day's work.

Dan Foley, on what it's like on being a blue collar worker

Escameca, informally known as the "Blue Collars", is a tribe from Survivor: Worlds Apart. Defined by its members who are in the working class, Jeff Probst branded them as ones who "follow the rules". Their tribe color is blue.


 Dan Foley
47, Gorham, ME
Postal worker
S30 dan t
 Kelly Remington
44, Grand Island, NY
State trooper
S30 kelly t
 Lindsey Cascaddan
24, College Park, FL
S30 lindsey t
 Mike Holloway
38, North Richland Hills, TX
Oil driller
S30 mike t
 Rodney Lavoie Jr.
24, Boston, MA
General contractor
S30 rodney t
 Sierra Dawn Thomas
27, Roy, UT
Barrel racer
S30 sierra t

 Dan Foley
S30 dan t
 Joe Anglim
S30 joe t
 Mike Holloway
S30 mike t
S30 rodney t
S30 sierra t
S30 tyler t

Tribe History

The Blue Collars

At the beginning, unity and pride were the two words that best described the "Blue Collar" tribe, to a point Lindsey Cascaddan passionately claimed that the winner will come from her tribe. True to their definition, they immediately established a shelter and sparked fire, and not even a choice between a bigger sack of beans and a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol bothered them. Though the tribe did not choose to take the idol clue, politicking still began early as Rodney Lavoie Jr. used the tragic death of his sister as leverage to make an early alliance with the women. Rodney seemingly cemented his pact with the women as Dan Foley began rubbing them the wrong way with his overtly blunt personality. The Blue Collar however won the Day 3 Reward/Immunity Challenge in second place, winning them flint.

By Day 4, in-fighting began marring the tribe. Dan's dry sense of humor was perceived by the women as social ineptitude and did not water down their initial impression of him. On the other hand, Mike Holloway's constant barking of orders also wore down the tribe. Mike felt that the tribe was lazing around and not working as hard at camp as they should, while Rodney and the women met his acts as a mere obsession, believing they carried their weight at camp and deserved rest and recreation time. This conflict however was unresolved as the Blue Collars won the second Reward/Immunity Challenge, which also won them a fishing spear.



  • Escameca's camp was previously used as the camp site for Coyopa and Huyopa in Survivor: San Juan del Sur.
  • Escameca is the only starting tribe in Survivor: Worlds Apart to match their "collar" color.
  • Escameca is the only tribe in Survivor: Worlds Apart to not have an original member reside in California at the time of filming.
  • Escameca's camp was used as the merged tribe camp of Survivor: Worlds Apart.[1]
  • The crutch that Missy Payne used in Survivor: San Juan del Sur was incorporated into the Escameca tribe flag as part of the frame.[2]
  • Escameca is the first pre-merge blue tribe to produce a male winner as the other tribes produced a female winner.


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