Erinn Marie Lobdell is a contestant from Survivor: Tocantins.

Erinn's decision to join allegiances with the Jalapao Three proved to be lethal as the four took down members of the former Timbira tribe in succession, albeit accidentally. She made it to the final three along with J.T. Thomas and Stephen Fishbach. When J.T. won the Final Immunity Challenge, he voted her out the day before the Final Tribal Council.


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Erinn Lobdell (26)
Hometown: Waukesha, Wis.
Occupation: Hairstylist

Erinn Lobdell is a hairstylist and make-up artist who is out to prove she's not just another pretty face. After recently going through a very personal growing experience, Erinn is ready to prove that she can make it on her own and rise to the challenge Survivor will bring.

"A lot of times I've found that people don't think I'm smart enough to play games." says Erinn. Although she's fine with people thinking she's dumb because, according to her, "she'll be dumb like a fox." Those people couldn't be more wrong as she is ready to show off her strong people skills as well as her ability to read the faces of her competition. Through skills learned at her job, she's been able to adjust her behavior depending on the situation which can serve as a great strategy in the game.

As a runner, Erinn is very athletic and is constantly training for the next big event. She recently completed training for a marathon and works out everyday to stay in great shape. To her, Survivor will be a very enriching experience and she is certain she will excel.

Erinn currently resides in Milwaukee, Wis. Her birth date is October 21.[1]


Erinn Lobdell was placed on the Timbira tribe. Upon first impressions, Erinn viewed Tyson Apostol as a good guy to have around, but he didn't view her as such. After getting as many supplies as possible, the tribes were asked to vote for who was the weakest. Like most of her tribe, Erinn viewed Sierra Reed as the weakest. Instead of eliminating her, they gave Sierra a helicopter ride to the camp. During the trek, Erinn wondered why she was on Survivor because she was a hairdresser and had limited camping experience. The tribe arrived at night, conveniently to a fully built shelter. At the first challenge of the season, Erinn and Brendan Synnott solved the puzzle to give Timbira immunity and flint. Erinn befriended Candace Smith, who was having problems with Coach Wade's ego. At the challenge, Erinn was held back by Sandy Burgin (who was the oldest contestant overall). Jalapao won immunity and fishing gear. Candace talked to people about eliminating Coach, who she felt that he failed to deliver in the challenge. Coach was told about by Debbie Beebe and he lead a campaign against her. At Tribal Council, Erinn voted against her only friend and Candace was unanimously voted out. 

Erinn became the target for being associated with Candace. Jalapao started winning challenges. Jerry Sims had stomach pains, which impeded their chances. Timbira lost the Immunity Challenge. Tyson and Coach tried to garner support to blindside Erinn, but the tribe was unable to ignore Jerry's illness. At Tribal Council, Erinn viewed Brendan as the leader. Erinn was spared and Jerry was unanimously voted out. Timbira finally broke Jalapao's streak by winning immunity. Although Jalapao won the next Reward Challenge, Timbira won immunity again. At the Reward Challenge, Erinn sat out. Timbira won but Erinn was abstained from reward due to Joe Dowdle picking her to join him on Exile. Joe wanted to charm her to get her to flip to Jalapao when the merge came. They shared the clue to Hidden Immunity Idol and were able to deduce where the Idol was hidden. Timbira won immunity, ensuring that Erinn makes the merge.

The tribes merged at the feast. J.T. Thomas named the tribe Forza. Erinn and Joe headed to the Tree Mail but didn't find the idol. At the challenge, Erinn told Tyson to be careful. He told her to not boss her around. Tyson won immunity, but no Tribal Council was held due to Joe's medical evacuation. Erinn talked to Taj Johnson-George. At this point, Erinn felt no one on Timbira cares about her and joined the Jalapao Three. Tyson won immunity again, and it came down to Brendan and Coach. Erinn joined the plan to split the votes between Brendan and Sierra. The plan worked and Brendan was blindsided. At the Reward Challenge, Erinn was teamed with J.T., Tyson, and Debbie. They won, earning them a trip to a local village to see a demonstration of Capoeira and a feast. At the Immunity Challenge, Erinn chose to play rather than eat pizza. Debbie won, ensuring that Sierra was the next to go. However, The Jalapao Three felt that this was the only chance to vote out Tyson. Erinn agreed and Tyson was blindsided in a 5-3 vote. Stephen Fishbach won and exiled Erinn to keep what was in exile under wraps. Erinn quickly discovered that there was no new Exile Island Hidden Immunity Idol, and she was miserable throughout her stay. Debbie hoped that Erinn would be angry with Jalapao so the original Timbira would reunite. This was wrong as Erinn stuck with the Jalapao and Sierra refused to align herself with the people that tried to vote her out. Coach won immunity, and Sierra was voted out for causing too much drama. At that particular Tribal Council, Erinn voted against Stephen where she also wrote on her ballot "Never again", referring to Stephen sending her to Exile Island.

Coach was angry with Erinn for voting against Stephen. At the Survivor Auction, Erinn didn't buy anything. However, she did get spend time with her father because Taj exiled herself. Her father was proud of how far she made it and how she had grown. Erinn did poorly at the Immunity Challenge, which Stephen won. The alliance decided that Debbie is the biggest threat and voted her out. When Coach was exiled, he said he was going to not eat, drink or sleep. Erinn called it a "Martyr approach", so he would have an excuse if he loses immunity. The women both felt that Coach was a drama queen and they were done with him. J.T. won immunity after Coach collapsed at the Immunity Challenge. Despite that, Coach appeared just fine at camp. This furthered the believe that Coach should be voted out. (In her vote, Erinn says "Dragon slayed.") Stephen, the swing vote, join the women in voting him out. Erinn knew she needed to win immunity. At the final four Immunity Challenge, Erinn came close but J.T. won. Erinn tried to turn the men against Taj without looking like she was scrambling. The men viewed Taj as the bigger threat and turned on her. Erinn decided to vote out J.T. should she win the Final Immunity Challenge. Unfortunately, Erinn was the first out, with J.T. winning again. Erinn pleaded with J.T. to take her under the argument that only Taj would vote for her and that Stephen would have taken her. J.T. ultimately honored his alliance with Stephen, sending Erinn to the jury.

At Final Tribal Council, Erinn started with Stephen. She pointed out that he played three alliances: The Jalapao Three, the Exile Alliance, and the Warrior alliance and yet almost everyone on his allies were on the jury. Erinn asked if she should just vote for J.T. Stephen said that Survivor is making complex social structures and using them to advance yourself in the game. Stephen would understand if she did vote for him. Erinn then asked J.T. why is Stephen is the best if he wanted to take the best to the end. J.T. responded by saying that Stephen was the best for his honesty and being with him all the way. Erinn, just like every other jury member, cast her jury vote for J.T.

Voting History

Erinn's Voting History
Episode Erinn's
Voted Against
1 Timbira Tribe Immune
2 Candace -
3 Jerry Jerry
4 Timbira Tribe Immune
5 Timbira Tribe Immune
7 Timbira Tribe Immune
8 No Tribal Council
9 Sierra -
10 Tyson -
11 Stephen -
12 Debbie -
13 Coach Coach, J.T.
14 Taj Taj
Ineligible J.T.
Voted Out, Day 38
Voted for
Sole Survivor


  • On January 9, 2010, Erinn attended Survivor's 10-year anniversary party.
  • Erinn became engaged to and subsequently married boyfriend and NHL player David Moss on July 4, 2014. Erinn now uses his surname according to her Twitter account.[2][3]
  • Erinn has since had four sons with David. Henry David Moss (born August 4, 2015)[citation needed], Owen Brian Moss (born October 15, 2016)[4], George James (born July 6, 2018)[5], and Charles Daniel (born August 19, 2019).[6]



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