Enough Is Enough is the thirteenth episode of Survivor: The Australian Outback.


Day 34

The final five continue to discuss the flood-damaged camp. They also think about all their loved ones at home whom they genuinely miss.

Day 35

The Reward Challenge sends the castaways to the Outback Internet Café, where each tribe member gets to talk online to a loved one at home. Tina Wesson eagerly chats with her husband Dale and kids Katie and Taylor; Elisabeth Filarski talks to her parents and brother; Rodger Bingham says hello to his wife and kids; Keith Famie checks in with his girlfriend; and Colby Donaldson greets his mother, Gay. The loved ones take part in the challenge, which requires them to answer questions about the Outback. Tina's family gets the most answers right, winning Tina a half hour to chat with them. Before Tina enjoys her reward, however, the other castaways get to say a quick goodbye to their loved ones. During his chat, Keith pops the question to his girlfriend: "Will you marry me?". She answers yes. When the castaways return to camp, they are all in high spirits, especially the newly engaged Keith.

Day 36

Keith's good feeling about his engagement doesn't last long. The next day, Colby and Keith get into an argument over the rice. Colby says that Keith is cooking too much rice and not rationing it correctly, which will leave the tribe with too little food in a few days. In a confessional, Colby says,

My game with Keith is done.

Colby Donaldson

For the Immunity Challenge, the castaways listen to Jeff Probst tell a story about early Australian settlers. They must then run to stations and answer five questions correctly to unlock their shackled arms and legs. Keith is the first to open all five locks, but as he runs back to the finish line, he drops one lock in the grass. As he goes back to look for it, Colby takes advantage of the break and reaches the finish line first. Colby wins immunity for the third time in a row. Rodger and Elisabeth know that one of them will be voted out. Rodger, who has had a close relationship with Elisabeth through the entire game, selflessly tells Tina that they should vote him out before Elisabeth. Rodger feels that Elisabeth needs the money more than he does. At Tribal Council, Elisabeth and Rodger discuss the bond they've had. Elisabeth says that Rodger is "something special" and is like a father to her, while Rodger calls her a wonderful person with great character and morals.

When the votes come in, the Ogakor Alliance uphold their promise to Rodger, and they send him packing to spare Elisabeth. Rodger says goodbye to a tearful Elisabeth, and he joins Alicia Calaway, Jerri Manthey, Nick Brown, and Amber Brkich on the jury. Only four castaways remain.


The castaways communicate with their loved ones via the Internet. They will each ask their loved ones a series of survival-based questions. The castaways whose loved ones answer the most questions correctly wins.
Reward: 30-minute private chat with family and a $500 Internet shopping spree courtesy of Visa to buy gifts from afar for their loved ones.
Winner: Tina Wesson

Challenge: Fugitives
With hands, feet, and waist shackled, each castaway must answer questions painted on wood beside remnants of an abandoned cattle station. The questions are based on a story told by host Jeff Probst. Each correct answer yields a key that opens one of the locks. The person with the most opened locks to cross the finish line first wins.
Winner: Colby Donaldson

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 11:
S2 rodger t
Rodger (3 votes)
S2 colby tS2 keith tS2 tina t
Colby, Keith, Tina
S2 keith t
Keith (2 votes)
S2 elisabeth tS2 rodger t
Elisabeth, Rodger
S2 rodger bw
Rodger Bingham

Voting Confessionals

Colby and Tina's confessionals are only available on DVD.

(voting for Keith) This is a great group, but Keith, I think that you've been a little overconfident and cocky about how you're going to be here, um, 'til the very end.

Elisabeth Filarski

(voting for Rodger) Rodger... you're one of the best Christian men I've ever met. I respect you ultimately. You've worked so hard. I'm proud of you. I know you're family's proud of you. And if the Knights of the Round Table give you a hard time, you come to me. I'll miss you, buddy.

Tina Wesson

(voting for Rodger) Rodger, you've had one heck of a run. Uh, you oughta be very proud of yourself. You're an incredible man, and I really enjoyed all our time together.

Colby Donaldson

(voting for Rodger) Well, buddy, I look forward to that home-cooked meal... with you and Pats in your home in Kentucky. And if it's my time to go, I can't wait to see ya on the outside.

Keith Famie

Final Words

I was the oldest person getting off the plane-- 53 years old. I've been out here 36 days; just had six more to go. Uh, I could've done without food for those next six days, if I'd had to, to have stayed out here. I wish them all the luck, and, uh, I especially wish the best of luck to Elisabeth. I hope... I hope she goes all the way. Thank you.

Rodger Bingham

Still in the Running

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S2 kel bw
S2 maralyn bw
S2 mitchell bw
S2 kimmi bw
S2 michael bw
S2 jeff bw
S2 alicia bw
S2 jerri bw
S2 nick bw
S2 amber bw
S2 rodger bw
S2 colby t
S2 elisabeth t
S2 keith t
S2 tina t


  • This is the only episode of this season since "Let's Make a Deal" where someone other than Colby Donaldson had won a challenge. Tina Wesson won the reward because her loved ones answered the most questions correctly.
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    Katie Collins (left), Tina's daughter, would play with her mother 12 years later, on Survivor: Blood vs. Water.

  • Katie Collins, Tina's daughter, who was on chat with her father and brother would later play with her mother on Survivor: Blood vs. Water. Katie would be the first loved one to be featured on Survivor before becoming an actual contestant. Laura Boneham would later become the second loved one to appear on Survivor as a loved one before appearing as a contestant when she appeared as her husband, Rupert Boneham's loved one in both Survivor: All-Stars and Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.
  • During the Reward Challenge, in which loved ones answer trivia questions over internet chat, there is a typo in one of the questions: "Australia is famous for it's scary snakes" should read "Australia is famous for its scary snakes".
  • After this episode, Elisabeth Filarski is the last remaining member of Kucha.


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