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Emily Flippen is a contestant from Survivor 45.

Starting the game socially isolated from her tribemates on Lulu, Emily's abrasive nature posed an obstacle to her managing her relationships with her tribe. After rehabilitating her image with the guidance of unlikely ally Kaleb Gebrewold, Emily took over control of her tribe and later integrated herself with the Reba Four to secure herself a spot at the final seven. However, her deferential gameplay cost her valuable opportunities to break away from the Rebas as she found herself voted out as collateral damage when Julie Alley played her idol to negate a unanimous vote.


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Age: 28
Hometown: McKinney, TX
Current Residence: Laurel, MD
Occupation: Investment Analyst
3 Words to Describe You: Direct, genuine, aggressive.
Why do you want to be part of Survivor? Some of the best advice I've received is to "live a more interesting life." What's more interesting than Survivor?
What's one life experience you feel has prepared you for the game? When I was 18, I moved to Shanghai to be part of the inaugural class of the first joint Sino-American University in China. I'm accustomed to working with (and competing against) people with many different backgrounds and life experiences.
Which previous player do you identify with the most? Who do you think you will play most like? I've been told my personality is extremely similar to Kass. I take that as the complement that it is. However, I plan on playing my own game and making an entirely unique set of mistakes.
What will you value in an alliance partner? Openness. I want to work with someone who wears their heart on their sleeve. Who won't leave you guessing as to their emotions or intentions.
Favorite Hobbies: Doting over my cat, playing video games, meal-prepping.
Pet Peeves: Nearly everything. Chewing, snoring, arrogance, being overly serious, being overly jokey. You name it and it probably irritates me.
What is the accomplishment you are most proud of? Passing all three levels of my CFA exams on my first attempt. (Trust me, it's a solid humblebrag in the world of finance!)
What is something we would never know from looking at you? I'm not religious, but I am guided by my own very strict sense of right and wrong.
Who in your life is your biggest inspiration and why? My dad. I take after him in a lot of ways. He has shown me the importance of accepting yourself for who you are while also pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.
Why will you be the Sole Survivor? I lack a lot of the traditional qualities that make a good Survivor player: I'm out of shape, don't really like the outdoors, and people can find me off-putting. Which is exactly why they'll never see me coming![2]


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Episode Tribe
Challenge Challenge Type Sit-Out? Result
1 Lulu Barge Simpson Reward No Lost
Sweat vs Savvy Reward Yes Lost
Mud Crutch Immunity No Lost
2 Smash & Grab Reward/Immunity No Lost
3 Running Down a Dream Reward No 1st
Draggin' the Dragon Immunity No Lost
Switched Tribes, Day 8
4 Belo Turn the Cage Immunity No 2nd
5 Knock One Back Reward/Immunity Yes Lost
Tribes Disbanded, Day 12
6 None Super Ramp Reward/Immunity No Lost
Tribes Merged, Night 13
7 Dakuwaqa Get a Grip Reward/Immunity Lost
8 Auction
Drop A Log Immunity Yes1 Lost
9 Different Stages Reward/Immunity2 Lost
10 Running on Empty Reward Won
Invertigo Immunity Lost
11 Unspun Heroes Reward/Immunity Lost
Voted Out, Day 21
^1 Emily elected to sit out of the challenge to help her tribe win a supply of rice.
^2 The castaways first competed as three teams for reward. Only the members of the winning team would have the right to compete for individual immunity.

Episode Emily's
Voted Against
1 No Vote
2 Brandon -
3 Sabiyah -
4 Belo Tribe Immune
5 Brando -
6 Kaleb;
J. Maya1
J. Maya1
7 Sifu -
8 Kellie -
9 Ineligible2 -
10 Bruce -
11 Julie3 Julie
Voted Out, Day 21
Voted for
Sole Survivor

^1 In "I'm Not Batman, I'm the Canadian", Kaleb successfully played his Shot in the Dark, negating Emily's vote against him. Because Kaleb negated all the votes cast at Tribal Council, a vote restart was held between all the non-immune players. Emily changed her vote to J. Maya on the restart. On the restart, Emily did not receive enough votes to be eliminated.
^2 In "Sword of Damocles", Emily became ineligible to vote after finishing last in the first stage of the Immunity Challenge.
^3 In "This Game Rips Your Heart Out", Julie used a Hidden Immunity Idol, negating Emily's vote against her.


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