Emilie Dubernet is a contestant from Koh-Lanta: La Guerre des Chefs.

She earned the status of Chief on Day 1, after finishing in second place at the "Poles Challenge". She is infamously known for her alliance with Victor as well as alienating half of her tribemates with her big personality and questionable leadership skills.


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Courtière en Prêt

35 ans - Gironde (33)

Emilie, c'est la maman supersonique. Toujours en mouvement cette courtière en prêt immobilier vit à 100 à l'heure. La gym, les enfants, elle veut montrer qu'elle est une femme forte, que rien ne peut ébranler. Son objectif : gagner !


Emilie earned the second place at the "Poles Challenge" which started the 23rd season of Koh-Lanta, thus earning the right to build the Kama tribe. During the first day, she rapidly made an alliance with Victor and Xavier and then selected her four other tribemates. The trio was quite successful at first, thanks to their surviving skills.

When they lost their first Immunity Challenge on Day 5, the Kama tribe started to crumble and divided itself in two. At Tribal Council, Emilie played her Chief Immunity Bracelet, thus giving up her Chief status. She was still blindsided however when the four outsiders voted out Victor who they felt had too much of an overbearing personality.

The following day, Emilie started to cause tensions in the tribe, refusing to associate with her tribemates to name a new Chief and developing a heated rivaly with Chloé. When the latter was chosen as a Chief by the other tribes', their relationship did not really stabilize. Emilie was eventually voted out on Day 9 by the opposite alliance after she failed to convince them she had found a Hidden Immunity Necklace.

Voting History

Emilie's Voting History
Episode Emilie's
Voted Against
1 Kama Tribe Immune
2 Chloé -1
3 Chloé2 Alexandre, Chloé
Voted Out, Day 9

1 In Episode 2, Émilie used her Chief Immunity Bracelet, negating no vote, as nobody voted against her against her.
2 In Episode 3, Chloé used her Chief Immunity Bracelet, negating Emilie's vote against her.


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