Ella Gbezan is a contestant from Koh-Lanta: Raja Ampat.


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Etudiante en psychologie en Belgique, Ella rêve de devenir actrice ou comédienne. A 25 ans, elle est dynamique et pétillante. Ella est parfois susceptible et n'a pas l'habitude de douter d'elle.


Voting History

Ella's Voting History
Episode Ella's
Voted Against
1 Lisa -
2 Catherine Martin
3 Mambok Tribe Immune
4 Mambok Tribe Immune
5 Mambok Tribe Immune
6 Mambok Tribe Immune
7 Ineligible -
Anthony -
8 Patricia1 Individual Immunity
9 Teheiura -
10 Martin Martin, Patricia
11 Patricia Martin, Patricia
12 Alexandra Alexandra,
Patricia, Teheiura
13 Martin Alexandra, Martin
14 Lost Challenge
Eliminated, Day 402
Voted for
Sole Survivor

^1 Patricia used a Hidden Immunity Necklace, negating Ella's vote against her.
^2 At the final four, the remaining castaways competed in an elimination challenge. Ella came in last and was eliminated.


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  • Caroline Matteucci, Maxime Boulet, and Ella Gbezan are the first Koh-Lanta contestants to not be residing in France at the time of filming; the former is from Switzerland and the latter two are from Belgium.


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