An ejection, also known as a disqualification, or expulsion, is a rare method of elimination in Survivor.

So far, only one contestant has been officially ejected from the American version of the show.


The first, and so far only, official ejection occurred on Day 36 of Survivor: Island of the Idols. Contestant Dan Spilo was ejected at the final six for repeated inappropriate behavior involving female contestants and production members.

Unofficial Ejections

Although not official ejections, the circumstances surrounding the contestants' exits from the game have either alluded to their eliminations being an ejection in actuality, or resulted in the public perceiving it as such.

On Day 13 of Survivor: Caramoan, Brandon Hantz was verbally voted out at a challenge site due to threatening tribemate Phillip Sheppard of physical assault following a misunderstanding. A member of the cast implied that production asked the tribe to vote him out at the challenge for television.[1]

On Day 19 of Survivor: Game Changers, Jeff Varner was verbally voted out at Tribal Council following his outing of Zeke Smith as transgender. Though no one involved with the season has claimed this to be an ejection, his exit is often considered to be in the same vein as Brandon's.

International Ejections

The first ejection from an international version of the game came during Sweden's Expedition Robinson 1999, when Susanna Wahlberg was removed from the game, allowing Klas Granström to return after winning a challenge.

Adnan Amedi was ejected from Sweden's Expedition Robinson 2000 which let Buba Badije return, Henk Dam was ejected from the Netherlands vs. Belgium Expeditie Robinson 2004 on Day 4, Frans Baats was ejected from the Dutch/Belgian Expeditie Robinson 2007 on Day 43, and Peder Vilnes was ejected from Norway's Robinsonekspedisjonen 2009 for faking an injury.

Christian Ternstedt was ejected from Sweden's Robinson 2009, and Luiz Nascimento was ejected from Brazil's No Limite 4 for smuggling in medicine through his shoe.

Carl Hamilton was ejected from Sweden's Robinson 2019 for threatening to quit if he was not given extra cash.

Ana Maria Pal was ejected from Survivor România (2020) for losing her temper and headbutting Andrei Ciobanu.


As a result of Spilo's ejection and castaway Kellee Kim coming forward to tell her story, CBS and the Survivor production team released a statement on December 17, 2019 regarding the handling of similar occurrences in future seasons, including the hiring of another on-site professional, stricter pre-production guidelines (ie: the reporting and handling of inappropriate actions) as well as sensitivity training and incident reporting procedures for all cast and production crew members.


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