Eating and Sleeping with the Enemy is the tenth episode of Survivor: Guatemala.


Day 25

Day 26

Day 27


Challenge: Mud Slide
The castaways would be divided into two groups with one pair or men and women on each team. Each pair will be attached by rope and race through a series of obstacles and through a deep mud pit to get a pot of corn which they will make their way back with to empty into their finish pot. The first team to fill their pot would win reward.
Reward: A helicopter ride to a private home where they can take showers, eat plenty of food, spend the night, and watch videos from home.
Winners: White Team (Danni Boatwright, Gary Hogeboom, Judd Sergeant, and Stephenie LaGrossa)

Challenge: Around The Bend
The castaways will be attached to a rope that is tangled around three obstacles that they will have to jump and climb through in order to untangle it and make their way to the finish. The first four to finish move on to the final round, where the rope is attached to a three-level high obstacle that they will have to make their way through. The first person to finish wins immunity.
Winner: Rafe Judkins

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 11:
S11 jamie t.png
Jamie (6 votes)
S11 cindy t.pngS11 danni t.pngS11 gary t.png
S11 lydia t.pngS11 rafe t.pngS11 stephenie t.png
Cindy, Danni, Gary, Lydia, Rafe, Stephenie
S11 gary t.png
Gary (2 votes)
S11 jamie t.pngS11 judd t.png
Jamie, Judd
S11 jamie bw.png
Jamie Newton

Voting Confessionals

(voting for Gary) It's easier to judge somebody than to understand them. I hate when you judged me with Brandon thinking he was a better person than me. I want you to know I forgive you, and I hope we can be friends one day, but it's either you or me tonight, buddy. Take care.


(voting for Jamie) Just like to say you're mom's a lucky lady; she's got a son like you, and with your twin brother, if he's anything like ya, she's double lucky. Hope you get to see her soon, and see her more often.


Hey, Gary, thanks for sharing this experience with me, buddy. I mean, I gotta let you go. I don't want to, but I have to save my own ass, buddy. Thanks for everything. God bless you.


(voting for Jamie) Wow, what an awesome young man you are. You've been a loyal friend, companion and protector since Day One in this game for me. Tonight's a difficult night for me to do this. Um, I just hope that you, uh, realize that I cherish every moment that we spent together, and, um, in my, in my eyes, in my heart, you're a champion. I'll see you on the outside.


Jamie, you helped me out with your quick tongue, but I still think you got a big heart, and I'd want you on my team any day of the year.


Jamie, sorry once again, you old pecker head, but, since you didn't get immunity, it makes you an easy target.


Jamie, you asked me, when I voted you out, to blindside you and to say a mean comment. Well, I guess you're being blindsided, but I'm not gonna take you up on the mean comment. I think you're a great guy, and I think you let this game kind of take you away from who you really are. Through it all, we'll be friends when this is all over. I love you.


(voting for Jamie) This is a really difficult vote for me. Um, I'm sorry I have to vote for you, but you kind of dug your own grave. You've been talking way too much. You've probably told way too many lies, and I just can't an alliance with you. So, I'm sorry, but it's time for you to go.


Final Words

It really hurts that Lydia voted against me because I took her so far. As much as I warned Lydia about the times she was in trouble, she couldn't tell me I was in trouble so that's going to be hard for me to forgive her for that. It hurts when you see good people go bad but that's how the game plays. You know honestly it's a huge thing. I don't think I ever want to lie no matter what it comes down to.

Jamie Newton

Still in the Running

S11 jim bw.png
S11 morgan bw.png
S11 brianna bw.png
S11 brooke bw.png
S11 blake bw.png
S11 margaret bw.png
S11 brian bw.png
S11 amy bw.png
S11 brandon bw.png
S11 bobbyjon bw.png
S11 jamie bw.png
S11 cindy t.png
S11 danni t.png
S11 gary t.png
S11 judd t.png
S11 lydia t.png
S11 rafe t.png
S11 stephenie t.png


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