Durão Luzo Mariano[1] is a castaway from Survivor South Africa: Island of Secrets.


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Surname: Mariano
Age: 28
Occupation: Hotel Guest Liaison
From: Newlands East, Durban

Charming, confident and diplomatic Durāo from Durban holds a finance degree, but decided to go into the hospitality industry because he loves food, people and travel. Changing careers indeed took him all over the world, where he has learnt to adjust to many different environments. Durāo believes life is full of endless possibilities and if someone tells him that he doesn't take life seriously enough, he will reply calmly that it's his life and he chooses the best way to live it. Working in the hospitality industry, difficult customers happen to be his bread and butter, but on Survivor he plans to have his bread buttered on both sides! The one thing he won't do, however, is use foul language. He claims to have never uttered a swear word in his life.[2]

Survivor South Africa

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Voting History

Durão's Voting History
Episode Durão's
Voted Against
1 Laumei Tribe Immune
2 Laumei Tribe Immune
3 Laumei Tribe Immune
4 Tania -
5 Felix Felix
6 Tania -
7 Sa'ula Tribe Immune
8 Nathan -
9 Meryl -
10 Geoffrey -
11 Seipei Cobus
12 Ineligible1 Individual Immunity
13 Cobus -
14 Mmaba -
15 Steffi -
16 Steffi -
17 Steffi Laetitia, Steffi2
18 Laetitia -
Jury Votes
for Durão
Second Runner-Up, Day 39

^1 In "One Trick Pony", Durão was sent to the Island of Secrets, where he had the option to forfeit his vote at the next Tribal Council in exchange for an advantage at the next Immunity Challenge. He chose the advantage, making him ineligible to vote at Tribal Council.
^2 In "Icarus", Nicole used a Hidden Immunity Idol on Durão, negating 2 votes against him.



  • Durão is the highest-placing member of Laumei.
  • Durão is the first person in Survivor South Africa to be a finalist but receive no jury votes.


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