Andrew "Drew" John Christy[1] is a contestant from Survivor: San Juan del Sur.

During his time in the game, Drew's personality rubbed several of his Hunahpu tribemates the wrong way, and after throwing a challenge without the consent of his tribe, his arrogance caught up with him and he was voted out.


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Name: Drew Christy (25)
Tribe Designation: TBD
Relationship to Significant Castaway: Alec's brother
Current Residence: Winter Park, Fla.
Occupation: Traveling Sales Representative in the family business.
Personal Claim to Fame: I seem to pull off the unthinkable with ease. People will ask me…How did you do that?
Inspiration in Life: My amazing family.
Hobbies: Traveling, modeling, booze cruising, playing sports and partying.
3 Words to Describe You: Adventurous, spontaneous and goofball.
If You Could Have 3 Things on The Island What Would They Be? 1) Survival knife. 2) Butane lighter. 3) Jam Box.
Survivor Contestant You Are Most Like: Fabio or Malcolm because they are athletic, smart bros that know how to manipulate people and situations to advance themselves.
Reason for Being on Survivor: I have always watched and thought about what it would be like to be out there. The experience is worth more than the million dollars to me.
Why You Think You'll "Survive" Survivor: I am emotionally and physically strong.
Why You Think You Will Be the Sole Survivor: I am likeable, manipulative and a winner.
What Does It Mean to You to Play Survivor with Your Loved One? It's going to be an experience we can look back and remember forever. Win or lose I'm proud of my brother.[2]


Drew entered the game as a member of the Hunahpu tribe, opposite his brother Alec Christy who was on Coyopa. In the early days of the game, Drew bonded with Jon Misch, but alienated the rest of the tribe, particularly the women, with his lack of work ethic and arrogance.

On Day 9, Jon won the Duel at the Hero Arena and selected Drew to accompany his girlfriend Jaclyn Schultz to Exile Island. On Exile Island, Drew became fearful that the women of Hunahpu would align against the men. Thus, he devised a plan to throw the upcoming Immunity Challenge in order to eliminate one of them. When Drew returned from Exile Island the following day, he enacted his plan, single-handedly losing the challenge for Hunahpu.

Upon returning to camp, Drew campaigned heavily for the tribe to vote out Kelley Wentworth, whom he considered a threat due to her extensive knowledge of the show. However, Kelley overheard Drew's plan and gathered the women together to vote against him. At Tribal Council, Drew voted for Kelley as he planned. Unfortunately for him, the women, plus Jeremy Collins, all voted for Drew, blindsiding him in an erratic 5-2-1-1 vote.

Voting History

Drew's Voting History
Episode Drew's
Voted Against
1 Hunahpu Tribe Immune
2 Hunahpu Tribe Immune
3 Hunahpu Tribe Immune
4 Kelley Jeremy, Julie, Kelley,
Missy, Natalie
Voted Out, Day 10


  • Drew was arrested on May 4, 2016 for property damage.[3][4]


  • Drew is the youngest member of the Hunahpu tribe.
  • Drew is allergic to crabs and shellfish and was not able to eat what his tribemates could eat.[5]
  • Drew lost 23 lbs. (10.4 kg) during his time in San Juan del Sur.[5]
  • Drew was the only person voted out of Hunahpu.


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