The Drake Alliance was the majority alliance on the Drake tribe in Survivor: Pearl Islands.



Formed by Rupert to take out Burton Roberts because of his continuous plea to throw the Immunity Challenge to get rid of Christa Hastie, everyone but Rupert eventually did throw the fourth Immunity Challenge, albeit for different reasons. Since the start of the game, Burton, Shawn, and Michelle have grown close and isolated the rest of the tribe. Despite Burton being the alliance's main target, fellow member Jon Dalton also formed a conflicting alliance with Burton, Michelle Tesauro, and Shawn Cohen to forge the majority. When Rupert was kidnapped by Morgan, Jon was positioned as the swing vote between these two factions. However at Tribal Council, Burton was blindsided in a 5-2 vote.

This challenge throw would prove costly for the Drake tribe as it began Morgan's comeback. Despite Drake's plan to have Michelle appear as the weakest, Morgan won the gross food Immunity Challenge since Michelle failed to follow through and Sandra was targeted for the tiebreaker, sending Drake back to Tribal Council. Despite Shawn being the bigger threat, the alliance voted out Michelle because she didn't follow the tribe's demand at the challenge and for voting with Burton at the previous Tribal Council.

Small Setback

Viewing Rupert as the biggest threat remaining because of his partial control over Drake and his ties with Morgan from being kidnapped, Trish attempted to vote him out with Jon and Sandra and use outsider Shawn to forge a majority 4-2 vote against Rupert at Tribal Council after Drake lost immunity for the third straight time. However, Sandra immediately revealed Trish's plan to her core alliance of Christa and Rupert and turned the vote against her. The threesome decided to use the same strategy of using Shawn to vote with them. Ultimately, Shawn voted with Christa, Rupert, and Sandra, blindsiding Trish.

The Outcasts' Return

Burton and Lillian were voted back into the game by the Outcasts after the Outcast Tribe beat both Drake and Morgan in the Day 19 Immunity Challenge. Burton returned to Drake and was immediately welcomed back despite being voted out by that tribe. Burton also had an individual conversation with Rupert where Rupert explained why he voted out Burton. The two made amends, and Rupert promised Burton that Jon would be the next to go. Once the tribes merged on Day 21, Burton and Lillian were the swing votes. Due to Morgan's behavior toward Lillian (particularly Savage who could not hide his discontent regarding the Outcast twist), she joined Burton and the rest of the Drake alliance in voting Savage out. They would stay strong for another vote to take out Ryan O., but cracks had begun to form.

Betrayal at Day 27 Tribal Council

Much like Shawn, Michelle, and Burton earlier in the game, Rupert, Sandra, and Christa had become an obvious trio, and time was running out for Jon and Burton to make a move otherwise they would not make it to the final 3. While Rupert went fishing and Sandra and Christa gathered food, Burton and Jon immediately approached Darrah and Tijuana about voting Rupert out at the next Tribal Council. The only doubt that remained was Lillian, who prided herself in playing the game truthfully. However, Jon was able to convince Lillian to join the plan on reward, despite Rupert still thinking Lillian was on his side. Burton won Immunity Challenge partially through targeting Rupert right away during the challenge. Rupert was nervous about Tribal Council, but Jon and Burton reassured him that Darrah would be the target. Instead, Rupert was blindsided by a 5-2-1 vote, leaving Sandra and Christa shocked.

Sandra Plans Mutiny

Sandra was furious with Jonny Fairplay after Rupert was blindsided, and warned the Morgan women that he is not to be trusted. Over the next few days, Sandra sabotaged the camp (or at least conspired to, backing off later once she realized she was in a better position) and plotted the demise of Burton and Jon. The various duos and trios of the Balboa tribe would target each other, and despite losing her last solid ally Christa in the process, Sandra's "anybody but me" strategy helped seal the deal for Tijuana and Burton to be voted out as well.

The End of Jonny Fairplay

Following Burton's second vote out, Jonny Fairplay found himself in the minority against the three remaining women. However, Jonny approached Darrah and Lillian talking about the final 2, and told Lillian that Darrah would not take her to the end. This caused drama between the two women and took attention off of Jon for the following vote, in which no one won immunity because the jury won the challenge on Day 37. Darrah would be voted out 3-1 as the biggest physical threat remaining. On Day 38, Jonny Fairplay tried to negotiate with Lillian during the Final Immunity Challenge knowing she was likely to beat him, to no avail. Despite Jon having taken out every juror besides Burton, Lillian opted to take Sandra to the final 2 and voted out Jonny Fairplay.

Sandra's Jury Sweep

Having made it to the Final Tribal Council with Lillian, Sandra talked to the jurors about her strategy of "as long as it ain't me" and used histrionics against her, as she stated how Lillian successfully voted out every juror, while Sandra was in the minority since Rupert's blindside. Viewing Sandra as the better player, and having been annoyed by Lillian, the jury, excluding Tijuana, voted for her to win the season in a 6-1 vote.


  • Christa and Trish are the only members of the alliance to not return and compete in a future season.



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