The Drake Alliance was the majority alliance on the Drake tribe in Survivor: Pearl Islands.



Formed by Rupert to take out Burton Roberts because of his continuous plea to throw the Immunity Challenge to get rid of Christa Hastie, everyone but Rupert eventually did throw the fourth Immunity Challenge, albeit for different reasons. Despite Burton being the alliance's main target, fellow member Jon Dalton also formed a conflicting alliance with Burton, Michelle Tesauro, and Shawn Cohen to forge the majority. At Tribal Council, Burton was blindsided in a 5-2 vote.

Because of Morgan's comeback, they won the gross food Immunity Challenge, sending Drake back to Tribal Council. Despite Shawn being the bigger threat, the alliance voted out Michelle because she didn't follow the tribe's demand at the challenge and for voting with Burton at the previous Tribal Council.

Small Setback

Viewing Rupert as the biggest threat remaining because of his partial control over Drake and his ties with Morgan from the previous days, Trish decided to vote him out with Jon and Sandra and use outsider Shawn to forge a majority 4-2 vote against Rupert at Tribal Council after Drake lost immunity for the third straight time. However, Sandra ratted Trish's plan out to Christa and Rupert and turned the vote against her. The threesome decided to use the same strategy of using Shawn to vote with them. Ultimately, Shawn voted with Christa, Rupert, and Sandra, blindsiding Trish.

The Outcasts' Return

Betrayal at Day 27 Tribal Council

Sandra Plans Mutiny

The End of Jonny Fairplay

Sandra's Jury Sweep

Having made it to the Final Tribal Council with Lillian, Sandra talked to the jurors about her strategy of "as long as it ain't me" and used histrionics against her, as she stated how Lillian successfully voted out ever juror, while Sandra was in the minority since Rupert's blindside. Viewing Sandra as the better player, and having been annoyed by Lillian, the jury, excluding Tijuana, voted for her to win the season in a 6-1 vote.


  • Christa and Trish are the only members of the alliance to not return and compete in a future season.