Draggin' the Dragon is a recurring challenge in Survivor. First appearing in Survivor: Cagayan, it later reappeared in Cambodia and Winners at War.


Tribes must push a cart through an obstacle course. Throughout the course, there are three towers from which tribes must retrieve a key to unlock a chest. Once they have collected all three chests, they must then take the cart apart, slide it through a barricade, put it back together, and make their way to the end. Two tribe members would then use the pieces inside the chest to assemble a giant dragon puzzle. The first tribe to solve their puzzle wins.

In Cambodia only, the puzzle solvers were allowed to switch out with other members of their tribe.


In Cagayan, the challenge appeared as the first Reward/Immunity Challenge of the season. Aparri led early on, but Solana was able to overtake them at the puzzle and finish first, with Aparri a close second. Luzon, meanwhile, struggled communicating with each other throughout the challenge and were never able to catch up, sending them to the first Tribal Council.

The challenge later reappeared in Cambodia as the first Immunity Challenge after the Tribe Switch. Ta Keo took the lead and never looked back, easily finishing first. Angkor and Bayon were neck and neck throughout, with Bayon finishing just ahead of Angkor to also win immunity, sending Angkor to Tribal Council. During the challenge, Jeremy Collins found Bayon's Hidden Immunity Idol.

The challenge appeared again in Winners at War as a Reward/Immunity Challenge. Dakal managed to pull ahead to secure a head start at the puzzle portion of the challenge, leaving Sele to attempt an unorthodox strategy of laying out all their pieces first to try to catch up. However, this ended up backfiring as it allowed Dakal to win in a blowout victory, sending Sele to Tribal Council.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
"Hot Girl with a Grudge"
Tribal Reward/Immunity S28 alexis tS28 brice tS28 jefra t
S28 jeremiah tS28 lj tS28 morgan t
S28 cliff tS28 lindsey tS28 sarah t
S28 tony tS28 trish tS28 woo t
"We Got a Rat"
Tribal Immunity S31 ciera tS31 joe tS31 kass t
S31 keith tS31 kelley tS31 terry t
Ta Keo
S31 jeremy tS31 kelly tS31 kimmi t
S31 monica tS31 spencer tS31 stephen t
Winners at War
"It's Like a Survivor Economy"
Tribal Reward/Immunity S40 kim tS40 nick tS40 sandra t
S40 sarah tS40 sophie tS40 tony t
S40 tyson tS40 wendell tS40 yul t



  • Every time this challenge was used, there were 18 castaways competing.
  • The first two times this challenge was used featured three tribes.
    • The tribe that finished in second had two of the season's finalists.
    • The tribe that finished last was later dissolved after a Tribe Switch.
  • Jeremy Collins, Kass McQuillen, Sarah Lacina, Spencer Bledsoe, Tasha Fox, Tony Vlachos, and Woo Hwang have all competed in this challenge twice.
    • Sarah and Tony won both times they competed, Jeremy, Kass, Spencer, and Woo all won once, while Tasha has never won this challenge.


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