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Down and Dirty is the sixth episode of Survivor: Philippines.


Day 14

Day 15

On Day 15, the Tandang tribe was upset at Michael for him being partially responsible for the tribe's food being quickly depleted. At the first round of the Reward Challenge, Michael, Pete, and Lisa faced off against Jonathan, Carter, and Denise. The six fought to a standstill for over an hour when Jonathan proposed a deal: Kalabaw would give up all of their remaining rice in exchange winning the reward. Jonathan told his tribe that the deal was okay because he promised that he could catch fish. Michael persuaded his tribe to hear out Jonathan's proposal and after some discussion, Tandang agreed to the deal. At the reward, Kalabaw was surprised by an undeclared extra reward of letters from home. Back at the Tandang tribe, Artis, Abi-Maria, and Pete were livid at the deal struck at the challenge and blamed Michael for speaking for the tribe, even though they felt he brought nothing to the tribe.

Day 16

Jonathan only caught a couple small fish, which caused a lot of grumbling among the tribe. At the Immunity Challenge, Tandang came back from a 4–2 deficit to defeat Kalabaw, again largely due to Malcolm's contributions. When Kalabaw returned to camp, Jeff and Carter discussed if now was the time to make the big move against Jonathan or to vote out Katie for being the weakest in the tribe. At Tribal Council, Jeff and Carter could not pull the trigger on the big move against Jonathan and instead blindsided Katie by a vote of 4–1.


Challenge: Bog Roll
The rival tribes must wrestle each other for a boulder-sized rattan ball and must bring it to their tribe's goal. First tribe to three wins the challenge.
Reward: A feast of sandwiches, chips, drinks, brownies, and letters from home.
Winner: Kalabaw (by forfeit, in exchange for Kalabaw's rice)

Challenge: Philiping Out
One member from both tribes will use slingshots to send balls toward their tribe mates, all of whom are holding nets. The goal is to catch at least one ball, regardless if it is their tribe's ball or the other tribe's. First tribe to five wins Immunity.
Winner: Tandang

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 6:
S25 katie t.png
Katie (4 votes)
S25 carter t.pngS25 denise t.pngS25 jeff t.pngS25 jonathan t.png
Carter, Denise, Jeff, Jonathan
S25 jonathan t.png
Jonathan (1 vote)
S25 katie t.png
S25 katie bw.png
Katie Hanson

Voting Confessionals

S25 katie t.png

(voting against Jonathan) Goodbye, my cuddle bear. You are not to be trusted.

S25 jonathan t.png

(voting against Katie) Right now, you're the weakest member of the tribe, and I need to keep the tribe as strong as possible. You're a great kid.

Final Words

S25 katie bw.png

I got blindsided. I mean, it's not a good feeling, but, um, I came in thinking, "Oh, I'm an athlete. I'm so strong. I can handle whatever," you know, but out here, it is nothing like you think it is on TV. It's so hard, but, I mean, it's such an awesome thing for me to be able to say, "I was on Survivor."

Still in the Running

S25 zane bw.png
S25 roxy bw.png
S25 angie bw.png
S25 russell bw.png
S25 dana bw.png
S25 dawson bw.png
S25 katie bw.png
S25 abimaria t.png
S25 artis t.png
S25 carter t.png
S25 denise t.png
S25 jeff t.png
S25 jonathan t.png
S25 lisa t.png
S25 malcolm t.png
S25 michael t.png
S25 pete t.png
S25 rc t.png


Behind the Scenes

  • Katie expresses her delight for not needing to participate at the Reward Challenge.
  • Katie admits liking to cuddle up with Jonathan at night, because of the latter's body heat. Because of this, Katie adds she does not mind Jonathan snoring, as long as she sleeps well.
  • Malcolm discusses Tandang's winning streak becoming a disadvantage for them. Since they have yet to vote one of their own out, their cohesiveness has yet to be tested. Malcolm notices the hostility between Tandang's members toward each other.
  • Carter admits getting outplayed by the Tandang tribe at the Immunity Challenge.


  • This is the first time that a tribe wins a challenge by forfeit.
    • This is the only challenge that Tandang lost, and the only tribal challenge that Denise won.
  • This is the sixth time in a row the person voted out has been eliminated unanimously.
  • With Katie voted out, all the females from the original Kalabaw have been eliminated.
  • After the Bog Roll challenge, Lisa kept the wicker ball from the Tree Mail as a souvenir.


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