The Double Tribal Council is a Survivor twist where two tribes each vote out a member one after the other, on the same night. Oftentimes, individual immunity is offered to contestants. Additionally, tribal reward is sometimes offered, and the winning tribe may be allowed to sit in on the losing tribe's Tribal Council, while eating food.

It is not to be confused with a Double Elimination, where one tribe votes out two members, nor with a Joint Tribal Council, where two tribes attend Tribal Council together as one group.


The twist originated in Survivor: Pearl Islands, in the shadow of the Outcast twist. Before The Outcasts could vote two members back into the game, both Drake and Morgan had to vote out one member each from their tribes, because they both lost to The Outcasts in the Immunity Challenge.

The twist took its more familiar form in Survivor: Vanuatu. Both tribes may compete for reward and/or individual immunity, and will attend Tribal Council afterward.


In Pearl Islands, after both Morgan and Drake lost to The Outcasts, Drake voted out Shawn Cohen first, followed by Morgan's Tribal Council, where Osten Taylor quit the game.

In Vanuatu, both tribes competed for reward: fishing gear and the chance to vie for individual immunity. Lopevi won reward, and John Kenney won individual immunity. Afterwards, John K. spent the day at the Yasur camp. After Lopevi voted out John Palyok, John K. stayed around to watch the Yasur Tribal Council. Before the vote, John K. was instructed to give immunity to one member of the Yasur tribe; he chose Ami Cusack, and Yasur voted out Mia Galeotalanza.

In Palau, both tribes competed for reward: beef stew to be enjoyed while watching the other tribe's Tribal Council and the opportunity to vote for immunity for one member of the losing tribe. Koror won reward, voted out Willard Smith, and voted to give Ibrehem Rahman immunity. As a result, Angie Jakusz was voted out of Ulong.

In Guatemala, tribes competed for food items, and the opportunity to compete for individual immunity. Nakúm won reward, and Rafe Judkins won individual immunity. Nakúm voted out Margaret Bobonich, and Rafe stayed to watch Yaxhá's Tribal Council. Rafe then had to secretly give individual immunity to one member of the opposing tribe that would be revealed after the vote, and he chose Gary Hogeboom. Brian Corridan received the majority of the vote, and was subsequently eliminated.

In Cook Islands, tribes competed for food, and the opportunity to watch the other tribe's Tribal Council. Aitutaki won reward, and voted out Cao Boi Bui. They were then asked to kidnap one member of Rarotonga who would eat with them, not vote in Tribal Council, and live with their tribe until they compete together in the next Reward Challenge; they chose Nate Gonzalez, and Rarotonga voted out Cristina Coria.

In Gabon, the castaways competed for individual immunity. The winner, Marcus Lehman, was then given the opportunity to give individual immunity to one member of the opposing tribe; he chose Sugar Kiper. Fang then voted out Ace Gordon, and Kota voted out Dan Kay.

In Samoa, a Double Tribal Council was originally planned on Day 15, but was canceled when Russell Swan was medically evacuated at the Reward Challenge. Both Foa Foa and Galu instead went to the first ever Joint Tribal Council, although no one was voted out.

In Heroes vs. Villains, both tribes competed separately for individual immunity, such that one member of each tribe would win immunity. Then the winners, Candice Woodcock and Rob Mariano, would compete for tribal reward. The Villains won reward, Tyson Apostol was blindsided by a Hidden Immunity Idol, and they enjoyed hot dogs while attending the Heroes' Tribal Council. The Heroes then voted out James Clement.

In Nicaragua, both tribes competed separately for individual immunity, such that one member of each tribe won individual immunity. Then the winners, Jill Behm and Holly Hoffman, competed for tribal reward: food to enjoy during the other tribe's Tribal Council. La Flor won reward, voted out Kelly Bruno, and listened in on Espada's Tribal Council, where they voted out Yve Rojas.

In Winners at War, three tribes competed for only one tribal immunity, and for the first time such scenario happening in the series, each of the losing tribes would have to vote one of their own out. With Yara winning, Parvati Shallow from Sele and Sandra Diaz-Twine from Dakal were voted out.


Season Episode Immunity First Tribe Second Tribe Result
Pearl Islands 7 The Outcasts S7 shawn t
Shawn Cohen
S7 osten t
Osten Taylor
The Outcasts won tribal immunity. Drake went to Tribal Council first and voted out Shawn. At Morgan's Tribal Council, Osten quit the game.
Vanuatu 3 S9 johnk t
John Kenney
S9 ami t
Ami Cusack
S9 johnp t
John Palyok
S9 mia t
Mia Galeotalanza
Lopevi went to Tribal Council first after winning reward and voted out John P. At Yasur's Tribal Council, John K. gave Ami individual immunity, and Mia was voted out.
Palau 5 S10 ibrehem t
Ibrehem Rahman
S10 willard t
Willard Smith
S10 angie t
Angie Jakusz
Koror went to Tribal Council first after winning reward, and voted out Willard. At Ulong's Tribal Council, Koror gave immunity to Ibrehem. This caused a tie between Angie and Bobby Jon Drinkard. Angie was voted out at the revote.
Guatemala 6 S11 rafe t
Rafe Judkins
S11 gary t
Gary Hogeboom
S11 margaret t
Margaret Bobonich
S11 brian t
Brian Corridan
Nakúm went to Tribal Council first and voted out Margaret. At Yaxhá's Tribal Council, Rafe gave Gary individual immunity, and Brian was voted out.
Cook Islands 6 S13 nate t
Nate Gonzalez
S13 caoboi t
Cao Boi Bui
S13 cristina t
Cristina Coria
Aitutaki went to Tribal Council first after winning reward and voted out Cao Boi. At Rarotonga's Tribal Council, Aitutaki kidnapped Nate, allowing him to skip the vote, and Cristina was voted out.
Gabon 7 S17 marcus t
Marcus Lehman
S17 sugar t
Sugar Kiper
S17 ace t
Ace Gordon
S17 dan t
Dan Kay
Marcus won individual immunity and gave Sugar immunity. Fang went to Tribal Council first and voted out Ace. At Kota's Tribal Council, Dan was voted out.
Samoa 6 None Canceled After Russell Swan was evacuated at the Reward Challenge, the twist was canceled. Foa Foa and Galu attended a Joint Tribal Council, though no one was voted out.
Heroes vs. Villains 6 S20 rob t
Rob Mariano
S20 candice t
Candice Woodcock
S20 tyson t
Tyson Apostol
S20 james t
James Clement
The Villains went to Tribal Council first after winning reward, and voted out Tyson. At the Heroes' Tribal Council, James was voted out.
Nicaragua 6 S21 jill t
Jill Behm
S21 holly t
Holly Hoffman
S21 kellyb t
Kelly Bruno
S21 yve t
Yve Rojas
La Flor went to Tribal Council first after winning reward. The vote initially ended with a tie between Kelly B. and Marty Piombo. Kelly B. was voted out at the revote. At Espada's Tribal Council, Yve was voted out.
Winners at War 6 Yara S40 sandra t
Sandra Diaz-Twine
S40 parvati t
Parvati Shallow
Yara won Tribal Immunity. Dakal went to Tribal Council first and voted out Sandra. At Sele's Tribal Council, Parvati was voted out. Both were sent to the Edge of Extinction.


The following excludes the cancelled Double Tribal Council in Samoa unless otherwise stated.


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