A Do-It-Yourself Challenge is a Reward Challenge in which there is no supervision from host Jeff Probst. However, this means that the contestants must conduct the challenge by themselves.

List of Do-It-Yourself Challenges


Episode Challenge Winner
"Hungry for a Win"
Bocce in a Box S19 brett tS19 dave tS19 erik t
S19 john tS19 kelly tS19 laura tS19 monica t
S19 russells tS19 shambo tS19 yasmin t
One World
"Total Dysfunction"
D.I.Y. Knots S24 bill tS24 colton tS24 jay t
S24 jonas tS24 leif tS24 matt t
S24 michael tS24 tarzan tS24 troyzan t
One World
"Go Out with a Bang"
D.I.Y. Ladder Tree Golf S24 alicia tS24 jay t
S24 kat tS24 tarzan tS24 troyzan t
Alicia, Jay, Kat, Tarzan, & Troyzan



  • Although host Jeff Probst is not present to supervise Do-It-Yourself Challenges, challenge producer John Kirhoffer is still present.
  • Both seasons to feature Do-It-Yourself Challenges were filmed in Samoa.
  • One World is the only season to have multiple Do-It-Yourself Challenges.
  • Jay Byars, Tarzan Smith, and Troyzan Robertson are the only castaways to win a Do-It-Yourself Challenge more than once.


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