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A Do-It-Yourself Challenge is a Reward Challenge in which there is no supervision from host Jeff Probst. This means that the contestants must conduct the challenge by themselves.


Episode Challenge Winner
"Hungry for a Win"
Bocce in a Box S19 brett t.pngS19 dave t.pngS19 erik t.png
S19 john t.pngS19 kelly t.pngS19 laura t.pngS19 monica t.png
S19 russells t.pngS19 shambo t.pngS19 yasmin t.png
One World
"Total Dysfunction"
D.I.Y. Knots S24 bill t.pngS24 colton t.pngS24 jay t.png
S24 jonas t.pngS24 leif t.pngS24 matt t.png
S24 michael t.pngS24 tarzan t.pngS24 troyzan t.png
One World
"Go Out with a Bang"
D.I.Y. Ladder Tree Golf S24 alicia t.pngS24 jay t.png
S24 kat t.pngS24 tarzan t.pngS24 troyzan t.png
Alicia, Jay, Kat, Tarzan, & Troyzan



  • Although host Jeff Probst is not present to supervise Do-It-Yourself Challenges, challenge producer John Kirhoffer is still present.
  • Both seasons to feature Do-It-Yourself Challenges were filmed in Samoa.
  • Both times a Do-It-Yourself Challenge was played before the merge, the winning tribe had yet to lose a member.
  • Jay Byars, Tarzan Smith, and Troyzan Robertson are the only castaways to win a Do-It-Yourself Challenge more than once.


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