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Dive Masters (also known as South Pacific, Diver Down, Deep in Thought, Octopus' Garden, Holy Diver, Crossroads, Coming Up for Air, Water Sports, Turtle Head, and The Deep) is a recurring challenge that originated in Survivor: Vanuatu and has since reappeared in Micronesia, Philippines, Cagayan, Millennials vs. Gen X, Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, Ghost Island, Survivor 41, Survivor 43, and Survivor 46.


Each tribe must retrieve items attached to an underwater rope, with each progressive item being deeper than the one before it. The first tribe to retrieve all their items and finish a final task wins the challenge.


United States[]

The challenge debuted as the first Reward Challenge after the tribe switch in Vanuatu. The contestants had to pull themselves along a vertical underwater rope, retrieving markers along the way. After ten minutes, the tribe with the most markers won Pringles, beer, and a trip to the waterfalls of Vanuatu. Although the challenge was closely fought by both tribes, and even though Chris Daugherty dropped a marker at some point, Lopevi ultimately collected the most markers, winning the challenge and reward.

In Cook Islands, the challenge was used as the final tribal Immunity Challenge. Prior to the challenge, the tribes were given a map of the South Pacific to study. At the challenge, the tribe members would swim to floating pontoons, dive down, and unclip a bundle of placards before swimming back; each subsequent person would swim to a pontoon closer to shore. Once all the placards have been retrieved, the tribe members will head to an answer table showing a map of the southern half of the Pacific Ocean and attempt to identify the ten Pacific Islands. Aitutaki won the challenge, sending Rarotonga back to Tribal Council with a mystery bottle.

In Micronesia, four members of each tribe had to dive down to a 9.1 m long steel cage that contained coconuts painted in tribe colors and bearing letters. Once all the coconuts had been retrieved and put in a floating bin, the bin had to be pulled back to shore. The four remaining castaways would unscramble a word puzzle using the letters on the coconuts. Malakal defeated Airai after Malakal's strongest swimmer, Ozzy Lusth, took his time to move all the coconuts to the end of the steel cage for easier retrieval to win a reward of chickens.

The challenge reappeared in Philippines, as an Immunity Challenge. One by one, the castaways, had to dive down and retrieve eight wheel-shaped puzzle pieces clipped to an underwater rope. Once all were collected, they used the puzzle pieces to identify a mystery eight-letter word ("treasure"). Kalabaw solved the puzzle first, and was soon followed by Tandang, sending Matsing to Tribal Council for the third straight time. In addition to immunity, Kalabaw and Tandang also got fishing gear, while Kalabaw, who finished first, also earned a canoe.

In Cagayan, the challenge was once again used as an Immunity Challenge. One member from each tribe would dive to retrieve a buoy in the water. Once all five buoys had been brought back to the platform, one tribe member had to shoot the buoys into a basket out in the ocean. Solana easily cruised to victory, with the challenge coming down between Aparri and Luzon. Though most of Aparri was trying to throw the challenge, several members of Luzon, most notably J'Tia Taylor, struggled. This allowed Aparri target Cliff Robinson to unknowingly save himself, sending Luzon to Tribal Council again.

In Millennials vs. Gen X, the challenge was the first Immunity Challenge following the tribe expansion. All members of each tribe had to dive to retrieve a buoy in the water, then swim to a platform. Once all five buoys were on the platform, one tribe member had to shoot the buoys into a basket out in the ocean. The tribes were given the possibility to attempt to hook the basket closer to the platform, making the shooting easier. Vanua quickly fell behind due to CeCe Taylor and David Wright both taking a lot of time to bring their buoys to the platform, allowing Ikabula and Takali to win immunity before Vanua could toss a single buoy into their basket.

In Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, three members of each tribe had to swim out to a floating net ring. They would then have to dive down and maneuver sets of puzzle pieces and bring them to the remaining two members. The two remaining members then would then use the pieces solve a signpost puzzle featuring several previous Survivor locations. Soko came from behind to take first place, followed by Levu, sending Yawa to their first Tribal Council.

In Ghost Island, two pairs from each tribe had to race through a series of obstacles in the water. They then had to dive to release two sets of buoys. Another member then need to gather up all of the marked buoys to the finish, where the last four members needed to shoot all eight in a basket. Malolo fell behind after James Lim struggled to release the second set of buoys 8 feet below before a reluctant Donathan Hurley managed to do so. This gave Naviti time to get all of their buoys in easily, sending Malolo back to Tribal Council.

In Survivor 41, one member of each tribe had to swim out directly to a buoy to retrieve a key underwater before swimming to a platform. Two other members would then traverse an obstacle course in the water to make their way to the same platform. Once all three were across, the final two members had to use the key to unlock a set of puzzle pieces they would need to solve a turtle puzzle. All three tribes started out neck-and-neck before Tiffany Seely struggled to get across the balance beam, putting Yase in last. This gave Luvu and Ua time to solve their puzzles first to win fishing gear and immunity, sending Yase back to Tribal Council.

In Survivor 43, each tribe leapt off a platform into the water, one member at a time. They will climb a stack of crates and dive back into the water to retrieve a key attached to a buoy. Once they reach the last platform with the key, the next person goes. Once all three keys are collected, the two remaining tribe members will unlock and solve a sea turtle puzzle. The first two tribes to solve the puzzle win. Baka pulled away to win immunity; meanwhile, Nneka Ejere struggled on the puzzle, extinguishing Vesi's lead and allowing Coco to catch up and win the challenge, sending Vesi to their second Tribal Council.

A modified version of the Cagayan variant appeared as an Immunity Challenge in Survivor 46. Each tribe member had to swim to and climb up a rope ladder to a tower, which they will jump off. After a short swim to the next platform, they will climb a stack of crates and jump off into the water, where the first two tribe members will unclamp a basket of buoys. Once both baskets have been collected and all four members have reached the final platform, they will find the three buoys bearing the tribe insignia and attempt to land the buoys inside three baskets out at sea. The tribes were evenly matched until Bhanu Gopal's error in not jumping off the crates cost the Yanu tribe valuable time. As Nami sailed to a familiar first-place finish, Bhanu's continued errors with rebounding the missed buoys set Yanu further back, allowing Tim Spicer to win immunity for Siga.



New Zealand[]


South Africa[]

In Panama, the challenge appeared as the sixth Immunity Challenge of the season. Gareth Tjasink helped to secure Rana an early lead in the challenge that they never relinquished, allowing them to break their losing streak to win their third Immunity Challenge.


Episode Challenge Type Winners
Champions v Contenders (2018)
Episode 2
Tribal Immunity AUS5 anita tAUS5 benji tAUS5 fenella t
AUS5 heath tAUS5 jenna tAUS5 paige tAUS5 robbie t
AUS5 shonee tAUS5 stevek tAUS5 tegan tAUS5 zach t
Contenders (2018)

Episode Challenge Type Winners
Episode 4
Tribal Immunity FRS6 alain tFRS6 catherine tFRS6 estelle t
FRS6 jeanclaude tFRS6 mika tFRS6 nathalie tFRS6 nicolas t
Episode 4
Tribal Immunity FRS7 adrien tFRS7 chloe tFRS7 filomene t
FRS7 gregoire tFRS7 laurent tFRS7 veronique t
Episode 5
Tribal Immunity FRS8 bertrand tFRS8 carole tFRS8 christelle t
FRS8 christophe tFRS8 christopher tFRS8 frederic tFRS8 nathalie t
Episode 4
Tribal Reward FRS10 alexandre tFRS10 christina tFRS10 freddy t
FRS10 isabelle tFRS10 marine tFRS10 patrick tFRS10 raphaele t
Koror (Koh-Lanta)
Le Choc des Héros
Episode 2
Tribal Immunity FRS11 christina tFRS11 christophe tFRS11 coumba t
FRS11 freddy tFRS11 gregoire tFRS11 linda tFRS11 mohamed t
Episode 2
Tribal Immunity FRS15 brice tFRS15 camille tFRS15 catherine t
FRS15 charles tFRS15 elodie tFRS15 javier tFRS15 marie t
FRS15 philippe tFRS15 ugo tFRS15 vanessa t
Episode 2
Tribal Immunity FRS20 bastien tFRS20 clementine tFRS20 franck t
FRS20 manuella tFRS20 marjorie tFRS20 sebastien tFRS20 yassin t
FRS20 claire tFRS20 frederic tFRS20 hada t
FRS20 kelly tFRS20 mathilde tFRS20 yves t
Episode 2
Tribal Immunity FRS21 caroline tFRS21 fabian tFRS21 manu t
FRS21 marguerite tFRS21 maxime tFRS21 melanie t
FRS21 romain tFRS21 sandrine tFRS21 sebastien t
La Légende
Episode 3
Tribal Immunity FRS27 alexandra tFRS27 alix tFRS27 clementine tFRS27 jade t
FRS27 laurent tFRS27 loic tFRS27 namadia tFRS27 teheiura t
Korok (La Légende)
Les Chasseurs d'Immunité
Episode 3
Tribal Immunity FRS30 Cécile tFRS30 David tFRS30 Émilie t
FRS30 Jean tFRS30 Julie tFRS30 Léa N tFRS30 Maxime t
FRS30 Mégane tFRS30 Meïssa tFRS30 Ricky t

Episode Challenge Type Winners
Episode 3
Tribal Immunity NZS2 adam tNZS2 brad tNZS2 dylan t
NZS2 josh tNZS2 kaysha tNZS2 lisa t
NZS2 matt tNZS2 tara tNZS2 tess t

Episode Challenge Type Winners
Survivor Québec (2023)
Episode 25
Tribal Reward/Immunity QCS1 joel tQCS1 justine tQCS1 kimberly t
QCS1 nicolas tQCS1 sandrine tQCS1 sylvain t

Episode Challenge Type Winners
Episode 6
Tribal Immunity ZAS1 gareth tZAS1 jacinda tZAS1 lezel tZAS1 zayn t




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