Dirty Deed is the fourth episode of Survivor: Game Changers.


Night 11

Day 12

Day 13


Challenge: Unchained Medley
One castaway from each tribe will use a grappling hook to retrieve a bow. Once they are done, another tribemate will dig out a ball. A third tribemate will attempt to balance the ball on the bow past two balance beams before placing the ball in a compartment. After that, the first castaway will use the grappling hook to retrieve a bag containing a handle. The second tribemate will once again dig out a ball, and a fourth tribemate will balance the ball on the handle, walking past the same balance beams before placing the second ball in the compartment. One both balls have been collected, the final tribemate will solve a slide puzzle. The first two tribes to finish win.
Reward: Peanut butter-and-jelly sandwiches, cookies, and milk (1st place); peanut butter-and-jelly sandwiches only (2nd place)
Winners (in order of finish): Tavua and Nuku

Challenge: Box Car Blues
The castaways must go up and over a large wall before three members of each tribe would tumble a large timber cube towards a stand. One castaway will get atop the cube and retrieve a key. The two other tribemates would use the key to unlock a crate of 100 sandbags.They must then carry these sandbags across an uneven balance beam. Finally, one castaway will use these sandbags as ammunition for a slingshot to knock down five wooden targets. The first two tribes to finish win immunity.
Winners (in order of finish): Mana and Tavua

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 5:
S34 jt t
J.T. (3 votes)
S34 jeff tS34 michaela tS34 sandra t
Jeff, Michaela, Sandra
S34 michaela t
Michaela (2 votes)
S34 aubry tS34 jt t
Aubry, J.T.
S34 jt bw
J.T. Thomas

Voting Confessionals

Aubry was shown writing Michaela's name down on the parchment, but did not give a confessional. Jeff's confessional was not aired, however he revealed it on Twitter.[2]

(voting against Michaela) Got a lot to learn, kid.


(voting against J.T.) For the record, you don't think for me. You don't speak for me. I ain't your little friend. Bye, Felicia.


(voting against J.T.) The queen stays queen. Adiós.


(voting against J.T.) You sabotaged us. This is for Malcolm.


Final Words

S34 jt bw

I got a little overconfident with myself, and I didn't bring my idol to Tribal Council, 'cause I didn't think I needed it. I made a very, very foolish mistake. I just let myself down, basically, with this whole experience. I think I'll always love the game, I just hate how I played it. I had a chance at a million dollars and I blew it. It's as simple as that.

Still in the Running

S34 ciera bw
S34 tony bw
S34 caleb bw
S34 malcolm bw
S34 jt bw
S34 andrea t
S34 aubry t
S34 brad t
S34 cirie t
S34 debbie t
S34 hali t
S34 jeff t
S34 michaela t
S34 ozzy t
S34 sandra t
S34 sarah t
S34 sierra t
S34 tai t
S34 troyzan t
S34 zeke t


Secret Scene

  • Mana Celebration: After surviving the Joint Tribal Council, Mana, especially Sierra, rejoices as they celebrate their good fortune as they praise Tai for his idol play.[3]

Unaired Confessionals

  • A Sweet Idea: Sandra comes back from finishing Nuku's jar of sugar and discusses how she stirred the pot and lit a fuse between J.T. and Michaela.[4]
  • I Hate Peanut Butter: Jeff recalls his experience in The Australian Outback, where he was voted out before the jury phase because he stepped off for peanut butter, which was the reward in the latest Reward Challenge. He is disgusted by the spread but decides to take what he can get because they were starving. He also expresses resentment towards the Mana tribe, celebrating their loss and hoping for their suffering.[5]
  • I Know What I'm Good At: Sandra discusses her strength when it comes to puzzle challenges. She believes that if Nuku had been better with communication, the tribe could have won first place, but that the second place reward was great for them regardless.[6]


  • As of this episode, all castaways remaining in the game have won an Immunity Challenge.
  • With this Tribal Council, J.T. became the first original Nuku member to be voted out.
  • With J.T.'s elimination, Sandra is the only former winner left in the game.
  • The Reward Challenge is a medley of previous challenges that utilize balls.

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