Dinner, Movie and a Betrayal is the tenth episode of Survivor: Africa.


Day 25

The morning after a tension-filled Tribal Council, Ethan approached Lex, telling him despite siding with the ex-Borans at the last vote, he still cannot trust Brandon. But Lex rebutted that if his vote was not for Brandon, the Borans would be put in jeopardy. Voting against his fellow Samburu peers, Brandon felt he was in danger getting voted off. Brandon explained, "I would rather be out of here in three days than for anybody back home to say that I had aligned myself with Frank in any way." Kim Powers commented about Brandon's betrayal,

S3 kimp t
Kim P.

I trusted Brandon for 24 straight days. He's been my friend and I burned up today, for sure.

Meanwhile, Frank approached Lex for an alliance, but in a confessional, Lex outright said "No way," saying that he cannot take his sour disposition any longer.

Day 26

Big Tom confessed a terrible concern, a massive boil located on his neck. Ethan joked, "It's like third eye, extra brain, I don't know."

Tree Mail instructed the castaways to pair themselves. The tribe decided to randomly pick names out of a hat. The created teams were: Kim Johnson and Ethan, Teresa and Lex, Kim Powers and Tom, and Frank and Brandon, much to the latter two's chagrin.

S3 brandon t

We are polar opposites. We can be neighbors and never speak a word to each other.

S3 frank t

My camping trip just went to hell.

At the Reward Challenge, Frank and Brandon surprisingly beat everyone, and were thus forced to bond over movies and food, with the eliminated tribe members laughing and jokingly cheered on the unlikely couple as they dominate the challenge.

With Brandon and Frank away, the remaining Moto Maji members questioned Brandon's true allegiance after Kelly's elimination. And with Lex continuing to protect Brandon, Ethan turned on his ally and questioned his loyalty, thus putting Lex on the chopping block. Meanwhile, Frank approached Tom to eliminate Brandon before him. Realizing how the game changes from time to time, Frank commented, "People are changing their minds like they change their underwear."

Day 27

Fearing that Ethan might turn the Boran alliance against him, Lex persevered even more and eventually won the next Immunity Challenge. Back at camp, he campaigned Frank's ouster, despite Ethan's reservations on Brandon. But despite Lex's attempts to swerve the vote, the warring alliances joined forces, sending Brandon to the jury with a 6-2 vote.


Challenge: Obstacle Course
The castaways will compete in an two-round, double-elimination obstacle course in four teams of two. The two leading teams will go to the final round. First pair to finish wins.
Reward: A movie night-out, with an eat-all-you can feast
Winner: Brandon Quinton and Frank Garrison

Challenge: Light It Up
Castaways must create fire using a magnifying glass and some twigs. If the fire that grew high enough would burn a thin cord strung across each firepit. When the cord snapped, it would drop a weight, which hoisted a flag announcing the winner. There was only one rule: if anything other than the flame touched the cord, that person would be disqualified.
Winner: Lex van den Berghe

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 9:
Moto Maji
S3 brandon t
Brandon (6 votes)
S3 ethan tS3 frank tS3 kimj t
S3 kimp tS3 teresa tS3 tom t
Ethan, Frank, Kim J., Kim P., Teresa, Tom
S3 frank t
Frank (2 votes)
S3 brandon tS3 lex t
Brandon, Lex
S3 brandon bw
Brandon Quinton

Voting Confessionals

S3 lex t

(voting against Frank) Frank, you have been nothing but rude, grouchy and a poor sport, and the last few days with you have been insufferable. Bottom line: you've been a real downer, and I can't wait to see you gone. Bye-bye.

S3 kimp t
Kim P.

(voting against Brandon) I don't even really know what to say. It's such a shame that it came to this. Um, but I just don't trust you. I don't know even if we had a friendship. I'm not even sure of that anymore, but I'm sorry that it came down to this.

Final Words

S3 brandon bw

I cannot believe I made it 27 days. I had never gone camping. Never slept on the ground. I don't have any hard feelings for those guys for voting me off, because, honestly, I stirred up some trouble. I do regret, however, that Kim feels like I somehow betrayed her. I think she is such a great person. I should be saying, "Damn, I didn't win." But you know what? I feel like I won.

Still in the Running

S3 diane bw
S3 jessie bw
S3 carl bw
S3 linda bw
S3 silas bw
S3 lindsey bw
S3 clarence bw
S3 kelly bw
S3 brandon bw
Moto Maji
S3 ethan t
Moto Maji
S3 frank t
 Kim J.
Moto Maji
S3 kimj t
 Kim P.
Moto Maji
S3 kimp t
Moto Maji
S3 lex t
Moto Maji
S3 teresa t
Moto Maji
S3 tom t



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