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Desiree Afuye is a contestant from Survivor: Ghost Island.

Originally a part of the Naviti coalition, Desiree's undoing started when she decided to find an alliance in which she would not be on the bottom. When her plan leaked out, she was quickly taken out as a threat to her alliance.


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Age: 21
Hometown: Newark, New Jersey
Current residence: Brooklyn, New York
Occupation: Student
Hobbies: Traveling, debating, and binging on YouTube videos.
Pet peeves: Complaining.
Three words to describe you: Unbreakable, driven, and real.
What's your personal claim to fame? Getting a place and back on my feet after being homeless. Freshman year when school ended, I didn't have anywhere to go. My parents were in Nigeria and both my brothers were in the U.S. but not much older than me so they couldn't help. This resulted in me being homeless for 1–2 months.
Who or what is your inspiration in life? Beyoncé. She works so hard and is constantly topping herself. She literally sets the standard for every performer and artist and continues to raise the bar. She had Adele and Kanye West on stage defending her when she didn't win an award. Who else can do that? She is one of the few super humans to walk the Earth.
If you could have three things on the island, what would they be and why? A picture of a skeleton in a grave to constantly remind me that things could be worse, a photo book of my family because I will always love them and they forever motivate me and finally, text message threads between me and my best friend. We have the funniest conversations and laughing is the best way to stay positive and happy.
Which Survivor contestant are you most like? Michaela! I am a strong black woman who is not afraid to make power moves. I haven't had an easy life and sure as hell don't expect winning Survivor to come easy. I relate a lot to her because we are both strong-willed and determined and willing to do what it takes to accomplish our goals.
What's your reason for being on Survivor? The million dollars would change my life drastically. I would have a story for the books—the girl that went from village to Versailles. I've seen it all, from the slums to the fast-paced, hard working student life in NYC. I want to change my life and my surroundings. I want to show myself and others that regardless of what you've been through, (it was being homeless for me), you can succeed.
Why do you think you'll "survive" Survivor? I currently live in a house of eight girls. I know how to deal with seven different versions of crazy and different personalities. I am constantly settling issues in the house and running the house meetings, not only does this make me sociable, it makes me likable and adaptable. I have good experience in sports, having played basketball for most of high school and I work out at my college gym. I'm putting myself through school with grants and academic scholarships while my parents are in Nigeria and I am an asset to any team.[2]


Desiree was placed on the Naviti tribe, who won the first two Immunity Challenges. This proved crucial in giving Naviti the numbers after the Tribe Switch where she was swapped to Malolo along with Bradley, Chelsea, Kellyn, and Sebastian. After Malolo lost immunity on Day 12, she joined the original Navitis in blindsiding Malolo tribe leader Brendan. When Malolo lost immunity again on Day 14, The Navitis initially thought of targeting Jenna as a safe vote for her weak social game, but Desiree instead thought of targeting Stephanie for her strategic prowess and also since she just recently visited Ghost Island before the Immunity Challenge. Desiree searched through Stephanie's bag to see if she had an advantage from Ghost Island, but didn't find one. At Tribal Council, she joined in sending Stephanie home unanimously as they decided to keep Michael for his strength.

On Day 15, a second Tribe Switch occurred and Desiree and Kellyn remained on Malolo along with Michael and were joined by their original Naviti tribemate Angela, and original Malolo James. During the next Immunity Challenge, Desiree was the caller, but her poor leadership during the puzzle caused Malolo to lose immunity again. Back at camp, Desiree was upset for her poor leadership that cost them the challenge, but Kellyn suggested to her and Angela that they vote out James to use Michael as a shield. Despite Angela being angry by her original tribemates betraying her when Morgan was blindsided, Angela stayed loyal and helped blindside James. After Malolo lost the next Reward Challenge with Kellyn getting sent to Ghost Island, Desiree led Michael and Angela in burning the flag's banner to reverse the curse of their losing streak. This supposedly payed off, as Malolo finally ended their losing streak when they won the last Immunity Challenge before the merge.

Desiree was among the people that made the merge on Day 20, with Naviti in the majority over Malolo 8-5. Despite the Navitis wanting to use this numbers advantage to pick off the remaining Malolos, Chris and Domenick's rivalry reached a boiling point where Chris pulled everyone except Domenick and Wendell over in splitting the vote in case the former had an idol. However, Desiree gathered the Naviti women about blindsiding Libby for her social prowess. At Tribal Council, despite Desiree voting Libby, Chris was still blindsided 10-2. However, at the next Tribal Council, Desiree got her way when Michael played a Hidden Immunity Idol, and Libby was voted out 4-1-0.

However things got complicated for Desiree following Libby's elimination, as she tried to bring in the original Malolos, Chelsea and Angela to overthrow the Naviti majority because she felt like she was on the bottom of the alliance, but Laurel was skeptical. Laurel told Domenick about Desiree potentially turning on them, and Domenick told Kellyn, shocking her. After the Immunity Challenge, Kellyn confronted Desiree and Chelsea about them wanting to turn on her, prompting Desiree to chew out Laurel in front of everybody. At Tribal Council, Desiree and Laurel reignited their argument, Kellyn asked Desiree again about turning on her, but Desiree continued to deny this. While Chelsea joined Desiree in voting against Michael, Desiree's plan was foiled as she was blindsided 8-2, becoming the third juror.

At the Final Tribal Council, Desiree was the only one of the Naviti Alliance that voted for Domenick to be the Sole Survivor, but he lost to Wendell after a tie occurred for the first time in Survivor history and Laurel cast the winning vote for the latter to win.

Voting History

Desiree's Voting History
Episode Desiree's
Voted Against
1 Naviti Tribe Immune
Naviti Tribe Immune
2 Malolo Tribe Immune
3 Brendan -
4 Stephanie Stephanie
5 James James
6 Malolo Tribe Immune
7 Libby -
8 Libby -
9 Michael Domenick, Donathan, Jenna, Kellyn,
Laurel, Michael, Sebastian, Wendell
Voted Out, Day 27
Voted for
Sole Survivor


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  • Desiree is the youngest member of the original Naviti tribe and the youngest woman to compete on Ghost Island.
  • Desiree lost 12 lbs. during her time on Ghost Island.[3]


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