Deborah Rich "Debb" Eaton is a contestant from Survivor: The Australian Outback.

Debb quickly proved to be socially inept and her personality quickly grated on several of her Kucha tribemates. Finding herself unable to fit in and unable to convince the tribe that Jeff Varner was a weak link, Debb was eliminated by a unanimous vote.


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Debb Eaton is currently a corrections officer in a men's prison located in Berlin, New Hampshire. She was married for almost 17 years to a New Hampshire State police officer who died on duty in 1997. She has a son ("6'5" tall and extremely handsome!"), a sergeant in the United States Marine Corps who is currently stationed at the United States Embassy in Beijing, China. At present, Eaton lives in Milan, New Hampshire, but in the past has resided in various other areas of the state, including Manchester, Derry and Deerfield. She was born in Milwaukee and grew up in Cudahy, Wisconsin.

Eaton describes herself as outgoing, athletic, and determined, with a very positive attitude. She enjoys riding motorcycles, hiking, running, lifting weights, and spending time with her animals. She describes her life as perfect since she met the man of her dreams, bought a home with him in northern New Hampshire and both of them became corrections officers with the Department of Corrections.

Her birth date is June 11, 1955.[1]


Debb received the ire of her tribe mates early on the Kucha tribe as they were trying to locate their camp. Her attempts to take charge of the situation and her bossy attitude were not well appreciated. She wasn't pleased when Michael took control of construction of their shelter on Day 1. She said it didn't sit right with her that he was ordering people around, and she felt that Rodger, who had more experience in construction, should be doing it instead. Whether this was a mutual feeling in the camp or if Michael taking control just bothered Debb is unknown. It became increasingly clear she did not relate to her other tribe mates, as she was disapproving of Kimmi's behavior during their first night.

On the second day she attempted to make fire, but was unsuccessful. Again, her attempt to be an authority figure on the subject despite not being able to make the fire did not play well with her tribe. When they lost the Immunity Challenge, Debb became a target because of her age and bossiness. She pushed for the tribe to vote off Jeff because he was sick. Both Debb and Jeff tried to give the impression to other people that the other one didn't even want to be there anymore, which doesn't seem to be the truth. At Tribal Council, Debb ended up being the first person voted out in a unanimous 7-1 vote.

Voting History

Debb's Voting History
Episode Debb's
Voted Against
1 Jeff Alicia, Elisabeth, Jeff,
Kimmi, Michael, Nick, Rodger
Voted Out, Day 3


  • After being voted out, Debb Eaton stated that she had lost her self-confidence from the harassment of the inmates at the prison she worked at, along with the general public. In 2001, Debb, a widow since 1997, was engaged to her stepson, Robert "Bob" Eaton, 11 years her junior.[2][3] News spread of her remarriage, and after her appearance on Survivor, she was subjected to public ridicule. Eaton stated she regrets being on the show because of this.[4]
  • On May 18, 2001, Debb was featured as an Panelist on Hollywood Squares as an part of Survivor Week along with other castaways from The Australian Outback.[5]


  • Debb was the oldest female member of Kucha.
  • Debb was the first Survivor castaway to compete on the show who was born in the 1950s.
  • Debb was the first woman to be unanimously voted out. She was also the first person to be unanimously voted out before the merge. Additionally, she is the first person to be voted out first by a unanimous vote.


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