David Genat is a contestant from Australian Survivor: Champions v Contenders (2019) and Survivor (franchise).

A key player in 2019, David successfully dismantled Steven Bradbury's Sporty Seven Alliance and took control over the original Champions tribe, even infamously managing to gain a Hidden Immunity Idol by exchanging a fake one with a Contender's real idol. Despite a severe numbers disadvantage following the tribe swap, David and ally Luke Toki turned the former Contenders against each other. Entering the merge however, David was seen as increasingly overconfident, prompting his alliance to dispose of him in tenth place, where he left with an idol in his possession. 


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International Model, 39
One of the world's top male models, David has been a long-term Survivor fan but it was his friend and Season 2 player, Sarah Tilleke, who helped convince him to give it a go.
Going in with strategies in place, David is planning to play hard saying; "I want four strong players to line up with a goat each and then take them to the slaughter. BYO goat."
He's even willing to get up to some tricks saying; "I might try to make a fake Idol, pretend I'm not a fan of the show if I think it will get me further."
Starting his career in modelling following a $50 bet back in 2002, David saw an ad for a modelling TV series and decided to apply and ended up winning.
Since then he's appeared in magazines like Vogue and Vanity Fair, photographed by the world's most famous photographers and has also been the face of Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren and Mont Blanc.
Living in New York, David has three kids and a fourth in the form of his motorbike. A mad fan who once rode across the whole USA, he loves adventure and also studies jiu jitsu and muay Thai boxing.[1]

Australian Survivor

Champions v Contenders

Beginning the season on the Champions tribe, David was excluded from the Sporty Seven alliance, but forged a strong duo with Luke Toki. Together along with remaining outsiders Pia Miranda and Janine Allis, they identified Abbey Holmes and Ross Clarke-Jones as the players they needed to flip to their side. While Luke appealed to Ross's mischievous, fun-loving nature, David used his modeling background to flirt and bond with Abbey. Along with Abbey's perception that Susie Maroney performed worse in challenges than Janine, both Abbey and Ross flipped to David's side and a new majority alliance to be established, causing the remnants of the Sport Seven to be picked off.

Upon learning that his allies Luke and Janine had found Hidden Immunity Idols, David wanted one for his own, even going as far as to ask Janine for her Idol note to make a fake Champions Idol which he planned to swap with Shaun Hampson in exchange for a real one. As David grew increasingly power hungry, several of his own alliance members considered targeting him. However, no plans came to fruition before the Tribe Swap on Day 15.

David and Luke remained on the Champions following the swap, but were in a 7-2 minority against the original Contenders. David quickly approached Sam Schoers about an alliance, but when she declined, he decided to target her. An opportunity arose when Andy Meldrum revealed to the Contenders majority that Shaun had an idol, which upset Daisy Richardson, Shaun's closest ally. As a result, Daisy and several other Cotenders joined forces with David to blindside Sam, who was aligned with Andy. When the Champions had an opportunity to steal a player from the Contenders on Day 20, the tribe near unanimously voted for Shaun. Shaun's presence in the Champions tribe shifted Daisy's loyalty back to him, leaving David and Luke on the outs once more. Furthermore, the original Champions women alerted Shaun that the Idol David gave him was fake. Shaun and David targeted each other at the next Tribal Council, with both David and Luke playing their Idols, and thanks to Shaun's contingency plan, Hannah Pentreath went home instead on the revote.

At the Day 23 Reward Challenge, David let the former Champions on the Contenders know that he would be voted out next and that he used up his Idol, so they threw the next challenge to keep him safe. Following that successful challenge throw, the Champions won the remainder of the challenges prior to the merge. During that time, David found another Idol while on reward, and there were a number of disingenuous attempts between David and Shaun to mend fences as they both remained firmly set on targeting each other at the next opportunity.

On Day 29, the Contenders and Champions merged into Soli Bula with 6 players each. Shaun won immunity, so David focused on targeting Andy. This proved to be successful as neither tribe trusted Andy due to his various antics earlier in the game. This crucially gave David the numbers to finally take out Shaun the following vote. Unbeknownst to David and Luke however, Pia, Abbey, and Janine had plotted to blindside David for weeks due to how much power he had in the game, and now with a firm Champions majority, they felt the timing was right as David was not expecting to be targeted with Shaun out of the game. Luke won immunity, so David tried to rally the numbers to split the votes between Daisy and Harry Hills, but instead the rest of the tribe (aside from Luke) blindsided David with an Idol in his pocket by an 8-2 vote on Day 34, making him the second juror.

Voting History

David's Voting History
Episode David's
Voted Against
1 Anastasia -
2 Champions Tribe Immune
3 Susie -
4 Nova -
5 Steven -
6 Simon -
7 Sam Sam, Sarah
8 Sarah -
9 Champions Tribe Immune
10 Shaun;
Daisy, Hannah, Shaun;
11 Champions Tribe Immune
12 Champions Tribe Immune
13 Champions Tribe Immune
14 Andy -
15 Shaun Individual Immunity
16 Harry Abbey, Baden, Daisy, Harry,
Janine, John, Pia, Simon
Voted Out, Day 34
Voted for
Sole Survivor

^1 In Episode 10, David used a Hidden Immunity Idol, negating 3 votes against him. Also, the vote ended with a 2-2-0 tie between Hannah and Shaun, forcing a revote. David did not change his vote on the revote.


Voting History


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